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Holiday Inn is a popular hotel chain with over 1,300 hotels across the country that welcomes over 100 million guests annually. Holiday Inn Express is an offshoot brand of smaller hotels that offers limited service to guests who are looking for a lower price and a stay with fewer frills. On the flipside, Crowne Plaza, is an upscale offshoot brand for guests who seek a higher cost, more luxurious experience while staying away from home.

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Franchise opportunities are plentiful with Holiday Inn, provided that interested investors have a proven management background and a large net worth to fund the start of the business. The Holiday Inn brand continues to expand quickly, with an average of two new hotels opening each week.

Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express/Crowne Plaza Franchise Opportunities - History

Beginning as a budget-conscious motel chain in 1941, Holiday Inn became one of the most respected hotel chains on the planet, expanding to multiple continents and currently boasting nearly a quarter million bedrooms worldwide. Holiday Inn Express was founded in 1991 to give customers a more affordable alternative to Holiday Inn. Crowne Plaza, which began in 1994, was initially called “Holiday Inn Crown Plaza” but dropped the first part of its name to help set it apart as its own distinct brand.

Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express/Crowne Plaza Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express/Crowne Plaza Franchise Income

The investment for a Holiday Inn franchise spans between one and ten million dollars. Obviously the cost differs greatly depending on the location of the hotel, as well as which brand is being franchised (Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, or Crowne Plaza). Interested parties should inquire with the headquarters to verify availability and learn more specific price ranges.

Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express/Crowne Plaza Business Opportunities: Other Information

Though Holiday Inn used to maintain a number of motels in its brand, in the late 2000s, Holiday Inn revamped its image by changing almost all of its motels into hotels that more closely align with the brand’s goals. Currently, just a few of the original motels remain.

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