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About Hot Dog On A Stick

You can open your own Hot Dog on s Stick franchise just like what you see in your local shopping mall. Known for hot dogs, lemonade and delicious treats, this fast food business is requires low overhead to get up and running. Hot Dog on a Stick locations leverage high foot traffic locations and catering opportunities to support their revenue stream.

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What makes the franchise unique is that you get extensive training both on site at your own location and in house at their corporate headquarters in California. Where they'll teach you all about the specially designed batter that each hot dog is dipped in to make them so tasty. Hot Dog on a Stick franchises leverage the branding and uniforms provided by corporate headquarters.

History of Hot Dog on a Stick and Muscle Beach Lemonade Franchise

Hot Dog on a Stick was started in 1946 by Dave Barham.  it started in Santa Monica as a little stand at a spot known as Muscle Beach. It grew into several locations over the years and was very prominent in shopping malls. Today you can own a Hot Dog on a Stick location as a franchise opportunity. The company now has over 100 locations in 11 states and even has a few worldwide locations including Korea and Dubai.

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