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Indigo Joe's Sports Pub & Restaurant is much more than an average sports bar and grill. They have created a unique niche which is that of a family oriented restaurant, one that just happens to specialize in sports. Indigo Joe's has positioned itself as a quality family restaurant first. An excellent, varied menu allows them to compete with other restaurants on an even playing field all year round. Their salads, wines, steaks and burgers help to create a place far removed from the typical male dominated, smoke-filled environment normally associated with run-of-the-mill sports bar concepts. The enclosed kids' game room makes Indigo Joe's a fun, happy place for all the family.

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The compelling Indigo Joe's story is one of opportunity, not only for our customers and employees but for those who are looking for a quality franchise investment. A growing number of individuals are enthusiastically joining the Indigo Joe's franchise program in order to:

* Get in on the ground floor of a quickly growing franchise chain
* Introduce an innovative restaurant concept to the market
* Enjoy the multiple revenue opportunities of the Indigo Joe's system
* Gain the benefits of a streamlined operational system designed for efficiency and effectiveness

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