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IPG Florida Vacation Homes


(Available in Florida only) The short term rental market is fairly new to the general market place, however it is easy to see that this industry is going to continue to expand at a rapid pace. With over 60 million tourists a year visiting Florida alone, short term rentals are in very hot demand!

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Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$190,000 - $225,000
Franchise fee
8.0% - 12.0%
Units in operation


(Currently available in Florida only)

**Why a Short Term Property Management Franchise?

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Many people may not have even heard of a short term rental property before. Short term rentals are fairly new in the general market place. However, with companies such as Airbnb, Expedia,, and many other large OTAs (online travel agencies) getting into short term rentals it is easy to see that this industry is going to continue to expand and at a very rapid pace. With over 60 million tourists a year visiting Florida alone, and out of that 50% decide to stay in a property that is zoned for short term rentals the demand for short term rentals is in very hot demand! Why IPG?

IPG Franchising was created over 10 years ago by Graham Greene. He has incorporated his expertise of property management, rentals, real estate, and franchising into IPG franchising for our franchisees to utilize. We now manage over 400 vacation rentals (ranging from a 1 bedroom condo unit to a 8 bedroom villa w/pool) in the central Florida/Disney World area with 14 franchisees**.

IPG has recently expanded into its second location: The Gulf Coast of Florida in Bonita Springs, Florida. Bay Pointe Vacation Rentals manages over 100 units in the Bonita Springs area. Franchises are available in both the Central Florida and Gulf Coast locations.

Generating Income

IPG Franchising is a property management franchise that generates income from the day of first operation. When you are buying a IPG franchise you are not just buying into a proven business model but you are also buying a business that generates income virtuually immediately.

Multiple Revenue Streams!

  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning Fees
  • Pest Control
  • General Maintenance to the property
  • Ongoing monthly management fee for caring for the unit
  • Generate rentals & earn commission
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**What IPG Provides Our Franchisees:

*Customized property management software* - making many day to day tasks a breeze! **

No need for a brick and mortar store - IPG's welcome center's serves as a check in center for all guests and our franchisees are free to utilize our conference room, computers, and/or printers, enabling the business to be run from home.

Accounting - IPG will fulfill: sales tax returns, manage homeowner ledger accounts, pay utility bills, collect payments for rental, sources, withholding tax (if homeowner has not provided an ITIN or SSN), all licensing required for a short term property management company

Excellent rental income for our homeowners. Don't want to do the rentals yourselves or don't know how? Not a problem as IPG sources premium rentals from around the globe ensuring our owners the best rental rates while achieving excellent occupancy levels.

Customer Service - IPG's front desk handles customer service issues with guests. We also provide a 24/7 customer service line where a live agent can be reached to answer/resolve any questions/issues.

Dedicated Franchise Manager - IPG provides all franchisees with a dedicated franchise manager. This will ensure that if you have any questions regarding anything,our manager is always here to help. Our franchise manager has over 15 years experience in the short term rental industry!

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What Does a Property Manager Do?

A short term vacation rental property manager has many job duties but many can easily be outsourced to third party vendors so that you can set whichever work load you prefer. Even when the jobs are outsourced there is still room to make money. (please see our proforma found below) With that being said, if you want to physically carry out the work yourself than you can retain the fees instead of having to outsource. Found below are just some of the jobs that can be performed:

  • Pool Cleaning
  • Property Cleaning (after guest departures)
  • General Maintenance (from changing a light bulb to fixing a hole in the wall)
  • Landscaping
  • Generating rentals/income for your properties' homeowners

E-2 Visa Opportunity - Come Live in the USA!

Many people around the world want to live in the USA but do not have the capital requirements ($500k) for an EB-5 Visa. IPG Franchising creates an excellent opportunity for anyone to come live and work in the USA.IPG's franchisees have a 100% success rate for obtaining and renewing their E-2 Visa. An E-2 Visa requires that you purchase and manage a business within the USA. With IPG providing virtually instant income, proven business model, and the opportunity to subcontract out as much work as you want to; we provide an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to come live the dream in the USA!

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Territory: Franchisees will not receive an exclusive territory, but territories are defined. However, depending upon the size of the territory IPG will generally limit a maximum of 3 franchisees per location. For example, if a territory has 1,500 properties within it that size is suitable for 3 franchisees, however if the territory contained only 300 properties it would NOT be suitable for more than 1-2 franchisees.

Training and Assistance:

IPG Franchising Inc, provides training in all departments to our franchisees at no extra charge. Each franchisee will get training in our: reservations department, accounting department and front desk. Training is also provided for our property management software. Hands on training covering: pre-guest check in property inspections, and maintenance training is also provided. If needed any further training is always available. If any franchisee needs any assistance they may approach any department for further training or assistance and ask any questions that they feel they need answered. Our dedicated franchise manager is available for one on one training at any point in time.

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