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It Figures

It Figures Franchise

The aerobic and strength training circuit offers an express total body workout that allows members to workout at their own pace! This fitness craze of hydraulic circuit training has thrown the ladies fitness industry a lot of curves! It is taking America by storm with over 8,000 circuit programs placed in health clubs independently owned or franchised, personal training studios, women only fitness centers, weight loss centers, Jazzercise studios, aerobic centers, lifestyle and wellness centers, karate and other martial arts studios and tanning salons over the last eight years and is NOW AVERAGING TEN CIRCUITS PLACED PER DAY, EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR! Figures now opens 20 to 30 clubs per month!

Facts & Figures


If you are looking for a fitness company and supplier that will not just sell you equipment and then walk away but will help guide you through the process, without obligating you to on-going franchise fees, then Hydraulic Fitness is the place for you! Whether you are looking to open your own facility with your own ideas and methods or if you are looking to own a facility with brand recognition and would like to learn a method used and perfected by hundreds of successful clubs then we invite you to explore the benefits of utilizing Hydraulic Fitness as your guide and resource!

Benefits you will find on the Aerostrength line:

  • Exercise Physiologist Approved Alignments- Each piece of equipment has been critiqued and analyzed by experienced Exercise Physiologists and has been made for maximum benefit and safety.
  • Heavy Commercial Grade Frames- You will not see the AeroStrength equipment tipping over. The AeroStrength line has been constructed with heavy commercial grade steel and has been powder coated to allow the frame color to look professional and stay resistant to chipping.
  • Cylinders Specifically Designed for Human Exercise Use- Unlike the competition, the AeroStrength line is made with cylinders specifically designed for the hydraulic workout, as opposed to just being car shock absorbers.
  • The Oil in Our Cylinders will not break down at the Peak of your Workout Time- Many cylinders on the market are made of fluid based oil that breaks down substantially when the cylinder becomes heated (5:30 pm at your facility). Our cylinders are made to maintain their resistance and provide a great workout all the time!

The AeroStrength line of equipment is a proven system to achieve maximum results.

Benefits you will find at HydraulicFitness:

  • It's Your Club- When you purchase from Hydraulic Fitness you have the option of learning our proven method for club operation and management or you may choose to utilize your own ideas and methods.
  • Choices- Hydraulic Fitness allows you to make choices in regards to your club. If you have a theme or specific color scheme in mind; through Hydraulic Fitness you can truly do what you want with YOUR club. Do you want to add tanning beds, saunas, or other amenities? When you open a club with Hydraulic Fitness you can have the club YOU want!

Are you looking to learn from an experienced professional, someone who has "been there and done that"? When you attend the training from Hydraulic Fitness you will gain insight and knowledge from trainers who are experienced in the industry and have been trained specifically for your market group. During the training program you will gain information on each area of club ownership, operation, and management. You also have the option of allowing your employees to attend the training.

Do you like the idea of being able to make your club yours, have full independent ownership and decision making options but wish you could have the extended support and advertising templates you would gain from being with a franchise? Hydraulic Fitness has the solution for you! Hydraulic Fitness now offers an optional program for you called FUNchise.

When you become a FUNchise member you will experience the benefits of:

  • Extended support for the lifetime of your membership. As well as proof reading of any ads or articles you wish to use in your club.
  • Access to the member only, where you will find an industry calendar, frequently asked questions, and other industry information.
  • Monthly advertising templates incorporated with a quarterly in club promotion. Complete with full detailed description of the promotion, shopping lists, to-do lists, phone and walk-in scripts, handout and/or poster templates, and more!
  • Templates for business cards, letterhead, brochures, grand opening ads, and other helpful print items.

More and more people are becoming aware of their health and appearance and want to change it. Now is the time for the health and fitness industry to grow by leaps and bounds. The industry has a goal of 100 million members by 2010; the industry is almost half way there and is looking for more motivated club owners to meet the public demand and join the fight against obesity.

We invite you to explore the possibilities and benefits of opening a club with the confidence and assistance of Hydraulic Fitness.


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