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For over thirty-five years the International TaeKwon-Do Association has been bringing together instructors and students. Providing them with membership, training, certification and information to not only strengthen the Tae Kwon Do community, but to also make this martial art form more accessible globally.

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International TaeKwon-Do Association is a privately owned organization. Currently there are roughly
127 member countries.

International TaeKwon-Do Association Franchise Opportunities - History

International TaeKwon-Do Association was founded on April 11th, 1955 by General Choi Hong Hi in
Seoul, South Korea. Existing to promote and encourage the growth of the Korean martial art
taekwondo. Eventually moving to Pyeongyang, North Korea and encountering personal problems with
his son Choi Jung Hwa, General Choi Hong Hi died in 2002 and is currently run by Chang Ung, Choi
Jung Hwa and Pablo Trajtenberg.

International TaeKwon-Do Association Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / International TaeKwon-Do Association Franchise Income

The cost for the first year head instructor fee is $55 and an annual renewal fee of $35. The school
membership first year application fee is $75 and the renewal fee is $35. An individual application is
also available and varies in cost from $20 to $95 (for first year membership) and annual renewal costs
ranging from $11 to $25. An application for all of these is also available at:

International TaeKwon-Do Association Franchise: Other Information

ITF's main focus is to coordinate and approve tournaments and seminars, set standards for teaching,
collaborate and provide support for affiliated member organizations.

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