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JEI Self Learning Centers have been promoting the importance of providing a quality educational environment to enhance the lives of not only children but also adults and people at all stages of life. Today, nearly 10,000 JEI family members contribute to this effort through its subsidiaries. They have been providing products through computer software, publishing, printing and distribution. In addition to supplemental, collegiate and adult education, JEI has also extended its services to include broadcasting and childcare. After three decades, their organization has spread globally with offices now in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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JEI Franchise can direct you into a very special opportunity for you. You can be your own boss and become successful in education field as JEI Learning Centers provide innovative and effective supplementary education program for Pre-K to 10th graders. There are approximately one million students currently enrolled in our JEI Self-Learning Systems worldwide. JEI will help students realize their fullest potential and help them strive for their ultimate goals.

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