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About JumpBunch

Jumpbunch is an activity ground for young kids. Innovative activities such as Multi-Ribbon-Tail Ball, Dino Limbo, or SuperFoam Polo or perhaps traditional activities such as Tee Ball/softball or volleyball are meant to keep kids active and get healthy exercise. Those are just a few of the more than 70 activities offered through JumpBunch. The company provides structured sports and fitness programs at preschools, day care facilities, camps, elementary schools, and parks/recreation departments. Kids (and parents) can also enjoy JumpBunch at home for birthday parties. Certified coaches bring all the necessary equipment on site for the activities of the customers' choice.

Full Franchise Information

Jumpbunch offers structured sports and fitness programs for children 15 months to 6 years old, as well as for school-age children ages 6-12. The classes are 30 minutes long, once a week, year-round with over 70 activity plans. They are offered as part of a child's day at school, daycare, after-school programs and rec. departments. Jumpbunch is not a gym or facility; rather, we go out into the community to teach our classes.

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