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The Kitchen Solvers franchise is a full service Kitchen and Bath remodeling company

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The Kitchen Solvers franchise is a full service Kitchen and Bath remodeling company. They provide complete design and remodeling consultation to their prospective customers. For over twenty years Kitchen Solvers has been working with people around the United States and Canada, helping them achieve career goals by incorporating experience, expertise and tested methods into a complete package of training and support. Kitchen Solvers prides itself on providing franchise owners critical support in all areas of operation, as well as a choice of franchise plans, tailored to your unique skills and objectives.

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America's Premier Kitchen Remodeling Franchise System

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A Great Low-Investment, Home-Based Business

Franchise Highlights

  • Home Based Business

  • Cash Based Business – No Receivables

  • No Inventory

  • Usually 1-2 Employees

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In 1982, we helped pioneer the craft of refacing cabinets, giving homeowners a cost effective way to reuse existing cabinets by replacing the trim, doors and drawer fronts. Today, Kitchen Solvers is a complete kitchen remodeling system offering cabinet refacing, new custom cabinets, countertops and more. After remodeling more than 40,000 kitchens, we've developed incredible kitchen design expertise, terrific relationships with our vendor partners, unmatched buying power and an industry-leading franchise system.

  • Kitchen Solvers has helped more than 45,000 people nationwide remodel their kitchens.

  • Kitchen Solvers offers a full range of options to help give customers their dream kitchens.

  • We are truly a "best solutions" service provider for kitchen remodeling that few competitors can match.

The Perfect Partnership

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As one of the top franchise systems in Kitchen Remodeling, we've developed a highly successful franchisee election process that involves:

  • Selecting the right partner

  • Conducting an initial discovery and orientation process

  • Maximizing strengths through personalized training and coaching

  • Building a collaborative, successful relationship

Once you decide we are the right partner and you become a Kitchen Solvers franchise, we become a perfect fit for you by creating a training program with follow up coaching that best meets your unique needs and leverages your strengths. At Kitchen Solvers we are firm believers that learning sound business principals is fundamental to operating a franchise efficiently and profitably.

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