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At Le Macaron French Pastries, our exceptional products speak for themselves; and with positive trends in the marketplace, it’s no surprise that French macarons have been deemed “America’s newest dessert darling!”

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At Le Macaron French Pastries, our exceptional products speak for themselves; and with positive trends in the marketplace, it’s no surprise that French macarons have been deemed “America’s newest dessert darling!”

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Rosalie Guillem and her daughter Audrey Guillem-Saba had a dream – to share delectable French macarons with the world. Hailing originally from France, they were surprised to find that the American take on the macaron was often simply sugar spun into a cookie shape ...or that the macaron was frequently confused with the very different coconut macaroon. They knew that with a little consumer education, and by treating the American palate to true French macarons made from only the finest ingredients, they could bring a true taste and texture sensation to the marketplace.

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In 2009, the Guillems gathered their family in America and opened the first Le Macaron French Pastries® location in Sarasota, Florida – a boutique-style pastry shop that encouraged customers to relax and indulge themselves with amazing macarons, fine chocolates, and delectable beverages. Quickly, word began to spread; customers flocked from everywhere to the store and began asking for more locations near their own home towns. 

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Le Macaron French Pastries began franchising in 2012, and today, a thriving network of dedicated franchise owners operate multiple stores, and bring the unique Le Macaron French Pastries taste and experience to a growing number of enthusiastic customers. The mission is to continue to expand the Le Macaron French Pastries concept and serve an extended family of customers... your skills and passion are needed to help with this delicious mission!

By becoming a Le Macaron French Pastries franchise owner, you can offer the same inviting atmosphere and scrumptious handmade treats, still created in the original Le Macaron French Pastries kitchen, to your community. With incomparable products, streamlined operations, and ongoing guidance and support, the dedicated Le Macaron French Pastries team can help make the process of opening and operating your own Le Macaron French Pastries location – or locations – très simple.

Thank you for your interest in the Le Macaron French Pastries franchise program!

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Macaron, Oui! Macaroon, Non!

Considered the jewel of French pastries, our famous macarons are made using our exclusive, proprietary dough, flavors, textures, and filling recipes. Each macaron is made with no gluten containing ingredients and no preservatives; and at around 80 calories a piece, they are an amazing taste sensation that is easy on your customers’ Image titlewaistlines.
The macaron, not to be confused with macaroons – the familiar, American coconut cookie – have recently gained a new level of interest around the world. Perfected in France, with a long history dating back centuries in Europe, macarons are small, lightly crisp round shells filled with a variety of smooth and creamy fillings such as ganache (chocolate), rich cream, home-made fruit jams or other high quality ingredients. They can simply be described as little luxuries that make people smile!

The Le Macaron French Pastries Experience. You can serve these beautifully-prepared, flavorful treats in your own Le Macaron French Pastries boutique: a warm, inviting pastry shop where customers enjoy a variety of fresh, authentically French macarons, plus fine gourmet chocolates, coffee and espresso drinks, pastries, and cool and creamy French-style gelato. Some approved locations will even be able to offer wine and champagne to guests.
From the moment customers step into your Le Macaron French Pastries location, they’re enfolded in the French experience. Greeted by a warm Hello (Bonjour), the simple but elegant surroundings invite your customers to indulge in a simpler way of life. A cappuccino, a macaron, and warm French music playing in the background transport customers to a quiet reprieve away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Choosing to linger over a book, immerse themselves in conversation, or simply carry a treat with them or for a loved one as they go on their way, the boutique’s ambience and delightful taste experience stays with them, bringing them back again and again.
And with no on-site preparation required, our streamlined business model is relatively easy to operate and allows our franchise owners to primarily focus on providing customers with this unmatched and enjoyable French experience. No other pastry shop, bakery, or cafe offers the same ambience, variety, quality, convenience – and simplicity of operations – that Le Macaron French Pastries does!

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Say “Oui” To an Amazing Opportunity

At Le Macaron French Pastries, our exceptional products speak for themselves; and with positive trends in the marketplace, it’s no surprise that French macarons have been deemed “America’s newest dessert darling!”
Created in our own Le Macaron French Pastries kitchen to ensure quality and freshness, our macarons are the result of hours of product development work, and are handmade from scratch and shipped directly to our stores for our franchise owners’ convenience. We offer an array of both traditional and trendsetting flavors such as Basil White Chocolate, Passion Mango, Madagascar Black Vanilla, Coconut Crème, Salted Caramel, Rose Petals and more.
Our established sourcing allows us access to the highest quality products from around the world, creating the best quality and selection for our customers. The aroma of fine pastries, tastefully decorated stores, and friendly staff, all help create a customer experience that is truly magnifique.
Le Macaron French Pastries sees now as the perfect time for you to take advantage of an incredible opportunity in a market full of potential and growth. With our established system, market-tested prototypes, and support functions for multiple operations, it all adds up to a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity for you, as a Le Macaron French Pastries franchise owner. If you are motivated, like interacting with people, and are looking for a flexible, affordable business to run, a Le Macaron French Pastries shop could be the perfect answer. And, whether you plan to be actively involved in your boutique’s day-to-day operations, or hire and train a store manager; whether you open one location, or several ...we have franchise program options to suit the needs of a variety of qualified franchise owner profiles!

Flexible, Efficient, and Appealing Store Designs

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Typically housed within 800 to 1,000 square feet of commercial space, our modern, attractive boutiques can easily adapt to outdoor shopping centers, enclosed malls, tourist areas, and a variety of different site options. Each pastry shop features a décor that is tasteful, warm, and inviting to customers of all ages. Our elegant but simple shops feature streamlined operations with no complex food production and minimal staffing requirements. And with no bakery or kitchen onsite, initial startup costs remain relatively low compared to other businesses within the industry.

Building Your Business 

At Le Macaron French Pastries, we offer a variety of products and enjoyment options, creating the possibility of multiple potential revenue streams for you as the franchise owner. Along with eat-in and carry-out options, you also have the ability to provide pre-packaged gift selections during the holiday/gift giving seasons, and you may even offer catering services for special events, thus generating additional revenue streams for your business. In addition, you’ll also be able to participate in the Le Macaron French Pastries gift card programs, designed to keep bringing in new and old customers each and every day

Only the Best Support

At Le Macaron French Pastries, we consider not only our customers, but also our franchisees, part of our extended family! We are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you.
As a Le Macaron French Pastries franchise owner, you will be able to leverage an exceptional, relatively easy-to-manage business model that is directly supported by an experienced management team who is committed to the growth of its franchise operations. From the initial start-up of your business to running your day-to-day operations, we will be ready and willing to assist you every step of the way with a hands-on approach, ensuring your business is running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. 

•     Start-Up Assistance: From the very beginning, our franchise team will be there to assist you with the initial site selection of your pastry shop. We will also help with the design layout of your location, including the distinctive interior and exterior design, décor, color scheme, graphics, fixtures and furnishings. In addition, we will assist you with all preliminary inventory and equipment purchases while introducing you to our existing suppliers with whom we have developed strong, reliable relationships over the years. With our help, your business will be up and running as efficiently as possible. 

•     Pre-Opening Training: An initial training program prior to commencing operations will be held at a corporate site, designed to prepare you plus your general manager and one additional key person with the knowledge and skills required to start business operations with confidence. Whether it is inside a classroom or onsite in a store, we will teach you what you need to know related to operations management, customer and employee relations, store setup, Le Macaron French Pastries policies and procedures, finance, accounting, reporting and much more. 

•     Confidential Operations Manual: A well-documented operations manual filled with detailed information regarding our operating system, POS system, exclusive presentation and packaging techniques, management policies, employee recruiting, training, purchasing and much more will be passed down to you. Our streamlined business model will be broken down and explained page-by-page for your convenience. 

•     Ongoing Support: Even after your pastry shop is up and running, we will still be supporting you and your staff by providing ongoing refresher training courses and periodic field support visits. Our franchise team will be there to make sure every aspect of your business is up-to- date and running as efficiently as possible, in areas such as new product development, trade dress updates, operations and management, customer feedback programs and more. We will also provide remote support for any immediate issues and concerns that may arise throughout your day-to-day operations. 

•     Marketing Assistance: At Le Macaron French Pastries, we know how important advertising and marketing is when it comes to opening a new location and that is why we offer advice and consultation for our franchise owners. We will assist you with local promotional materials and efforts, while your Le Macaron French Pastries location will be featured on the corporate umbrella website, providing you with online exposure.

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Share the Love a Macaron Can Give ...in Your Own Hometown 

Looking for an opportunity to own a business that is both fulfilling and rewarding? Are you searching for a concept that is full of excitement and enjoyment? 

As a Le Macaron French Pastries franchise owner, you can focus on indulging your customers with a mouth-watering product and generating new and repeat business, while avoiding the many costs, headaches, and stress that often come with running a full-service, all-day restaurant or other similar business. And thanks to our team of business and industry experts, customized tools and support, and our well-established reputation for simply being the best – the prep work has already been done for you! 

Take the next step. By completing our information request form and submitting it for consideration, you are one step closer to setting yourself on a path toward personal and professional fulfillment – and bringing a truly uniquely sweet and welcoming experience to your local area.

We appreciate your interest in the Le Macaron French Pastries franchise opportunity and look forward to working with you!

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