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Logiscool Franchise

Logiscool is a fun-based coding school franchise network for children and teens. Logiscool offers courses, camps, and other programs in connection with coding, robotics, and digital literacy for children aged 6-18.

Facts & Figures

$2,001,000 - $500,000



About Logiscool

Logiscool is a leading fun-based coding school franchise network for kids and teens. Logiscool is currently present in 15+ countries and has 90+ schools across the globe. We have our own, uniquely developed education platform that adapts to the different age and skill levels of children, which helps us maximize the level of satisfaction.

At Logiscool, children do what they like the most: spend time with computer games. But here they don’t just play with them; they create their own games. And while learning the main principals of computer coding, they acquire the most important skills of the future: problem-solving skills, logical algorithmic thinking, creativity, and endurance. Besides all that, our method helps them develop self-confidence.

Logiscool offers courses, camps, and other programs in connection with coding, robotics, and digital literacy for children aged 6-18. Offline and online course and camp products are both available at Logiscool.

Preparing kids for the future

As education is key to a better, smarter future, governments and organizations all over the world place a huge emphasis on this sector. At the same time, there are sub-segments where education has yet to catch up to the market demand: one of them is the IT industry. In the USA alone, the job market is lacking 1 million coders. Parents see the IT industry and coding education as a route to their child’s future success. Even if the kid is not a math genius or does not want to be a programmer, coding education still has a lot to offer. Problem-solving and algorithmic thinking skills will be valuable in any future profession.

The Logiscool Franchise package

Logiscool’s offer is a ready-made solution: our classroom management systems, own education platform, and 800+ hours of uniquely developed curriculum ensure high lifetime value for each and every student. The school and equipment design, the trainer’s portal and training, the full-spectrum curriculum, as well as the education and marketing support are all guaranteed. Logiscool places extra emphasis on continuous development – we launch innovations regularly.

Why is Logiscool the best choice for you?

More than computer coding

Computer coding may be the most important knowledge one can acquire today. Even if not all of our students want to become programmers, we can equip them with skills useful for life, like creativity, critical and algorithmic thinking, and problem-solving. We believe that continuous development and openness to innovation is the key to success. That is why, besides programming, our students can choose from a selection of courses from robotics to multimedia and game design. Thanks to our modular system, the courses can be completed one after the other or in a complementary way.

Fun-based education

The knowledge of computer coding turns passive screen viewers into active digital creators. Our objective is that our students leave every Logiscool lesson with the joy of creating something new they can be proud of. With our uniquely developed teaching method and interactive classes, learning how to code becomes an easy and playful experience for kids.

Unbeatable curriculum

Our project-based curriculum ensures that students keep their motivation as they grow, while small group classes give room for both individual work and collaboration with the trainer and fellow students, which strengthens communication and cooperation skills. Our uniquely developed educational platform “grows” with the kids, providing the opportunity for step-by-step development and fun learning curve. Students first build programs using “digital bricks”, and then, thanks to our modular solution, seamlessly switch to a written programming language – all at their own pace. And they can also switch between the two views any time they like.

Committed, professional trainers

We believe that the direct trainer-student relationship, the community experience, and the interactive projects all contribute to the rapid development of students. At Logiscool, students always work with young, well-educated trainers. Be them programmers, mathematicians, or physicists, they know the digital world in and out and can easily find the common voice with children. Through our careful selection process, training, and continuous development, we guarantee that our trainers know how to teach and motivate students to be at their best.

Inspiring, supporting environment

Our schools are set up in modern, inspiring office environments where parents are also welcome to be part of their child’s success. In addition to physical classrooms, we also give room to creativity in the digital space. The MyLogiscool portal is our community-building platform, where students can take part in entertaining challenges, test their knowledge with fun quizzes, and try the projects of their

Logiscool is a great franchise business with real social impact and quick return on investment. We look for committed partners who can share our mission and be successful.


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