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M&M Meat Shops is the biggest frozen food chain in Canada specializing in flash frozen meats and more

Facts & Figures
About M & M Meat Shops

M&M Meat Shops' aim is to sell quality (often speciality) meats at affordable prices. By flash freezing their meats, the food maintains its freshness and can be stored for longer periods of time, allowing it to be sold at cheaper prices than its competitors. Typically, M&M Meat Shops conduct business out of small shops in strip malls. With just one cashier and many freezers, M&M Meat Shops conduct business in an efficient manner for owner and customers alike.

Full Franchise Information

When evaluating potential franchisees, M&M Meat Shops looks for individuals with good finances, an excitement for the product, proven people skills, and technological knowledge. Franchisees are permitted to own more than one shop. For a brief time, M&M Meat Shops ventured into the Midwest market in the United States, but at present, the company appears to be focusing its franchise efforts in Canada.

M&M Meat Shops Franchise Opportunities - History

Cofounders Mac Voisin and Mark Nowak started M&M Meat Shops in Kitchener, Ontario back in 1980. Within two years, M&M Meat Shops opened its first franchise, which has since grown to nearly 500 stores throughout Canada.

M&M Meat Shops Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Income

M&M Meat Shops has a franchise fee of $30,000, thought the total initial investment tends to come to between $300,000 and $450,000 depending on the type of store opened. M&M Meat Shops also collects an ongoing royalty fee of 3% on all sales.

M&M Meat Shops Business Opportunities: Other Information

Once M&M Meat Shops cornered the meat market, it branched out into other types of frozen food, as well. Appetizers, seafood, pasta, pizza, desserts, and even vegetarian meals are now available in the freezer section. Most recently, M&M Meat Shops has included a line of ice cream.
In both the ‘80s and the ‘90s, M&M Meat Shops claimed the world record for “longest sausage”.

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