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A Mac Tools franchise gives the franchisee a protected territory as a mobile tool dealer. A busy mechanic's shop benefits from having the tool store come to his workplace with the new high-quality tools he needs. As the franchisee builds relationships, his arrival becomes a welcomed part of the customer's work week, and everyone profits.

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Mac Tools has long standing in the tool industry and can help you, as a franchisee, meet your business goals.  As a company, Mac Tools focuses on innovative new tools that are much-welcomed and only available from one of their mobile stores. A new Mac Tools dealer attends the company's Tool School and spends six days in the field with a District Manager who trains the new franchisee in the nuts and bolts of running a mobile tool business.  The company provides their own business software, a route list of potential customers, an inventory of high-turnover tools, and of course, the familiar and always-welcomed Mac Tools truck.  They also provide ongoing training and support.

History of Mac Tools

Mac Tools  has a long history in tool development and sales.  The company was started as Mechanics Tool and Forge in 1938 by seven men whose goal was to craft the finest tools in the world.  Over time, the company affiliated with two others, rebranding itself as Mac Tools in 1963.  The Mac Tools truck has long been recognized as one that will bring the best tools, sales, and service directly to the businesses that most need their top-quality product.

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