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Maid Right Franchise

Maid Right Franchising LLC, a subsidiary of Premium Franchise Brands LLC, delivers superior cleaning services for homes

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About Maid Right

Maid Right Franchising LLC, a subsidiary of Premium Franchise Brands LLC, delivers superior cleaning services for homes. Founded in April 2013, Maid Right has established franchise locations across the United States and Canada. Maid Right’s owner-operator business model and branded processes ensure its residential clients get a long-term service commitment from experienced cleaning crews as well as access to professional-strength cleaning products and new technologies in their homes.

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Image titleWhy Maid Right Franchise?

With a Maid Right home cleaning franchise, you control how large your business can become. With no work at nights, weekends or holidays, you will be able to build a better life for your family financially, and have more time to spend with them.

Maid Right provides home-based business owners with a start-up kit which includes:

  • Clients

  • The initial equipment

  • Education on cleaning standards

  • Consistent support

  • An opportunity to build a sustainable business in the community.

WImage titlehy a Home-Based Business?

Have you always wanted to be your own boss but aren’t sure where to start? Are you interested in having control over your family’s future?

Maid Right offers home-based business opportunities for people who yearn to build a better life for their families. With a home cleaning business from Maid Right, you control your future.

Why Should I Consider a Home Cleaning Business?

Home cleaning businesses are perfect for any economic climate. No matter the economy, people still need to have their houses cleaned. Maid Right’s home cleaning franchise offers:

  • A proven track record of stability

  • A recession-resistant business with innovative cleaning methods that will help you deliver superior cleaning services to keep your customers satisfied.

  • With a residential cleaning business from Maid Right, the only barrier to success is how hard you’re willing to work for yourself.

Start Up Costs:

You can invest in a Maid Right residential home-based cleaning franchise of your own for as little as $1,600.

Success depends on how much revenue you want to earn and how quickly you are motivated to earn it. This cost includes:Image title

  • Use of the Maid Right brand name

  • Certification on standards

  • Uniforms

  • Initial starter equipment

  • Cleaning supplies

At Maid Right, we can show you how rewarding it can be to build and run your own home cleaning business.

Get Started:

As a Maid Right franchise owner, you'll receive administrative support from our corporate office. You will be supplied with everything you need to start a successful home cleaning franchise and be supported by an experienced franchise company. At Maid Right, you don’t have to find customers. In fact, we will supply all of your customers for you at the pace that you want to grow your business.

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