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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Maid To Perfection


The Maid to Perfection (MTP) franchise provides one-call, full-service cleaning services for their clients' homes and offices. The Maid to Perfection franchisee doesn't actually clean; instead, franchise owners focus on executing overall strategy and interacting with the clients who seek out their cleaning services. Offerings including carpet cleaning, hardwood floor polishing and waxing, sink cleaning, vacuuming, window cleaning, and more for both residential and commercial customers. Maid to Perfection was incorporated in 1983, originally under the name Midy Tidy, before deciding to offer their business system to entrepreneurs through their franchise model, which was established in 1990.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$56,000 - $75,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Our Business is Maid to Perfection!

We're very different from most other franchise companies. We help you with your franchise investigation homework.Maid to Perfectionwants the best franchise candidates just as you want the best franchise.

  • Family-friendly work hours
  • Proven franchise system
  • Ground level entry
  • Low franchise and royalty fees
  • Proven advertising and marketing plans
  • No required advertising fee
  • Low total investment level
  • Low start-up capital requirements
  • Low overhead and cost of operation
  • Access to top level management
  • Choice of prime territories
  • No Car Leasing/Buying Obligations
  • Exclusive protected territory
  • Protected expansion program
  • Competitive advantages
  • Custom-designed schedule of services
  • Individual attention and assistance
  • Financing Available on expansion
  • 50% Off Every Other Additional Unit (Units 2, 4, 6 etc.)

Customers today are too busy to shop for several home maintenance companies. And why should they, when One Call Cleans It All? We teach you everything you need to know on how to manage a service business. Our owners don't clean; they focus on looking at the big picture and growing their business. Let the natural zone of expansion work for you by offering a menu of services to your clients. Spread your company's net profit margin through diversification in a big-dollar cash business. Multi-Unit and exclusive development programs are available for aggressive business owners. Build a financial empire. Maximize your investment opportunity by offering window and carpet cleaning, floor care and janitor service to recession-friendly clients. Maid to Perfection is the best buy on the market, and we're proud of it!

Maid Service Customer Base Continues to Expand

Do you remember when domestic cleaning was the exclusive purview of the wealthy, and secretaries were expected to perform many duties, including cleaning the office? We've surely come a long way! Today we are happy to pay for quality cleaning help, and the service era is here to stay.

The middle class first experimented with maid services in the 1980's. Now our services are considered a necessity in today's market. It's a fact that the dual family income is needed to provide all the amenities associated with the family of today. It is also a fact that women are returning to the workplace by choice to secure their positions and fulfill their personal goals. These factors keep our customer base growing.

No one wants to revert to doing his or her own cleaning when it is much easier to choose a cleaning service that provides quality and consistency. That's why customer satisfaction and peace of mind have been built into the unique Maid to Perfection system.

The Cross-Market Service Concept

It's not just the size of the territory you buy, it's the number of different markets your business has access to within a territory that leads to profit. As a Maid to Perfection owner, you will evaluate each opportunity as it arises and take one step at a time, using our detailed business plan.

Our cross-market concept limits the risk of your investment. Each market has a mixture of different services requested by customers. Limiting what your business can do violates the principle of the "natural zone of expansion", a state in which your business needs to fill the demands of the public to be most efficient.

The Maid to Perfection commercial cleaning program adds to the big picture of our "cleaning perfect business" plan. Our "just like home" white glove service appeals to the upscale business property owners, while top-level management appreciate our special cleaning scrutiny. Because commercial cleaning is in constant demand year round, contracts for regular service are common.

Maid to Perfection has been designed to provide our franchise partners with the options to access every "cleaning dollar" within a protected territory. The only requirement in the system is that you provide residential maid service. Everything else is a growth and profit option. It's smart business to sell additional service to your own maid service accounts as well as your competitors' maid service accounts.

An Award-Winning Franchise

Maid to Perfection developed and perfected its business processes and systems for a decade before offering its first franchise unit, and the experience and preparation shows. Prominent national business publications, franchisees, and affinity groups consistently recognize Maid to Perfection as one of the leading franchises in any industry.

Recent awards include:

  • Entrepreneur's Top 500 Franchises
  • Entrepreneur's Top 150 Low-Cost Franchises
  • Enterepreneur's Top 200 Global Franchises

In addition, MTP has been recognized in:

  • Business Startups
  • Entrepreneur International
  • Success Magazine
  • ...and many others

Find out if Maid to Perfection is made for you!

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