Manny & Olga's Pizza Franchise

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About Manny & Olga's Pizza

Manny & Olga's has perfected their own "recipe" for providing satisfying, quality food to people on the go. With pizza that's priced right to encourage return business, Manny & Olga's offers quality and variety, with toppings ranging from standards like zesty pepperoni and delicious sausage, all the way to mouth watering pineapple and flavorful gyros! And their irresistable subs have made Manny & Olga's a favorite in other sectors, from college students to business executives. While specializing in a tempting variety of tasty pizza and delicious sub sandwich offerings, Manny & Olga's menu also includes enough items to satisfy "the whole crowd." Tempting specialties, sensational salads, gyros, and more, are all available for takeout or delivery.

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