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Maoz Vegetarian


Maoz Vegetarian is a fast food restaurant that understands that food that is served quickly does not have to be unhealthy – or come from an animal at all, for that matter. Maoz Vegetarian is an exclusively vegetarian restaurant chain that sells falafels and salads. Currently, some restaurants also sell other vegetarian food like sandwiches and French fries. Maoz also gives customers autonomy in putting together their desired meal: they can choose from many salads, sauces, and toppings. Outside of the store, Maoz Vegetarian is available to cater private events.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$314,000 - $505,500
Franchise fee


Maoz Vegetarian is looking for people with business experience, preferably restaurant experience specifically, but that’s not an absolute must. Above all, a commitment to Maoz Vegetarian’s ideals and vegetarian lifestyle are of importance. Maoz Vegetarian will provide franchisees with thorough training and help them select the best location for their restaurant.

Maoz Vegetarian Franchise Opportunities - History

While Israeli-born spouses Nahman Milo and Sima Bar-On were living in Amsterdam, they decided to open a vegetarian restaurant in 1991. Within 5 years, Maoz Vegetarian restaurants were popping up outside of the Netherlands. Franchising ultimately led to Maoz Vegetarian appearing not only throughout Europe, but North America and Australia as well.

Maoz Vegetarian Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Maoz Vegetarian

Franchise Income

Maoz Vegetarian’s franchise fee is $25,000 plus a $10,000 fee for the design package. There is also an ongoing royalty fee of 6%. An additional 1% must be applied to local advertising. The total initial investment is estimated to range between $314,000 and $505,500. To open a franchise, Maoz Vegetarian owners must have a net worth of $2,500,000 with one million of that available in liquid assets.

Maoz Vegetarian Business Opportunities: Other Information

Falafels are the staple item at Maoz Vegeterian. They are comprised of chickpeas (a legume with protein, minerals, vitamin B, and antioxidants), fresh vegetables, and a blend of spices and herbs known as “The Maoz Magic Powder.” All falafels are made to order.

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