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Max Muscle Sports Nutrition health stores are committed to improving the health of people from all walks of life and fitness

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About Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

Employees of Max Muscle stores are trained and knowledgeable about health and fitness supplements and regimens and work with each customer to devise the best system of nutrients to achieve their goals, whether it’s weight loss, weight gain or just a healthier lifestyle. Max Muscle offers the products to get people where they want to be healthwise, such as its bestsellers High 5 and Max Pro.

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Why Max Muscle Nutrition?

Superior Quality ProductsImage title

Max Muscle Nutrition has always maintained quality as our number one objective. Long before testing was required on nutritional products we at Max Muscle Nutrition were testing our products for safety, consistency and purity.

Brand Exclusivity

Max Muscle Nutrition helps you differentiate from the market place by giving you an exclusive line of premium supplements that your competition won’t be able to carry. The “Max Muscle” brand is protected within your store’s territory. By having your own exclusive brand you will be able to retain customers that realize the quality and results they get from your Max Muscle branded products.

NESTA Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Max Muscle Nutrition has partnered with NESTA to get you certified as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach™ (CFNC). NESTA is a highly respected and nationally accredited training company that specializes in fitness and nutrition certifications.

Nutrition & Meal Plan Training

Once you become a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach™, you’ll want to set up your customers on a custom meal plan. Max Muscle will give you the tools and training to learn how to write meal plans for your client and customers

InBody Composition Analysis Specialist

Max Muscle has partnered with InBody, one of the most advanced companies in the world for measuring body composition. The InBody machine uses bioelectrical impedance to give our customers a very accurate profile of their body’s composition. The InBody is another proprietary in store service that we provide in order to establish credibility with your customer.

TrainingImage title

Max Muscle Nutrition knows that it’s very important for you to be ready to do business on your first day of opening your doors. This is why we offer several comprehensive training sessions to prepare you for success. 


Director Of Franchise Development

Once you sign your franchise agreement, our director of franchise development will begin helping you locate a lease, and guide you through your build out process. There will be weekly calls to make sure you stay on pace to get your store open in a timely manner.

Field Support Team "FSC"

All of our franchisees will be assigned a field support consultant. Our consultants have worked with dozens of franchisees helping them succeed at every level. FSC reps understand our franchisees and their needs. They will support you with your pre marketing, soft opening, grand opening and the overall operation of your business.

Regional Director

Depending on where you open your franchise, you may also have a Regional Director. Much like the FSC, the role of the Regional Director is to make sure that you are getting the support you need to succeed. 

Weekly Support Call

Every Tuesday Max Muscle Nutrition has a system-wide support call that every franchisee is invited to attend. These calls are designed to help our system do better by working together. We feature franchisees that share their success stories and best practices ranging from sales techniques, product education, and in-store experience to marketing, merchandising, outreach, and social media.

Product Development Training

The Research and Development Team at Max Muscle is committed to producing the most innovative and cutting edge supplements based on the latest research and newest ingredients. We know that as a retail store it is very important forImage title you to be able to offer exciting new products and flavors consistently.

Marketing Materials

Max Muscle Nutrition features a multitude of great marketing materials. These materials are offered to our franchisees to assist franchisees in their marketing efforts in their local area. 


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