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Maximized Living Health Center


Maximized Living Health Center is a chain of wellness facilities founded by two respected chiropractors with over 40 years of experience who aim to assist their patients and clients to establish healthy lifestyles. Though spinal and back care is obviously one of the focuses of this chiroporactor invented program, the centers also give plenty of attention to fitness, nutrition, detoxing, and mental health, understanding that a healthy lifestyle is a result of a balanced, multifaceted, holistic approach. The goal is to have provide affordable and sustainable health.

Facts & Figures

$375,000 - $421,675
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Doctors can join the chiropractic Maximized Living Health Center network, which currently includes over 1,000 doctors and has treated well over one million patients. Franchise locations often host events to reach out to the local community to share healthful tips and entice new patients to check out the facilities.

Maximized Living Health Center Franchise Opportunities - History

Dr. Ben Lerner and Dr. Greg Loman teamed up in Florida in 1999 to start a wellness center based on their expertise. In 2008, the duo decided to franchise their business to spread their knowledge to a greater patient base.

Maximized Living Health Center Franchise Cost / Initial Investment /

Maximized Living Health Center Franchise Income

Maximized Living Health Center has a franchisee fee of $360,000; the total investment only runs about an additional $15,000 for a total of $375,000.

Maximized Living Health Center Business Opportunities: Other Information

Maximized Living Health Center operates with “5 essentials” for its clients to follow: 1. Maximized Mind (optimal mental health) 2. Maximized Nerve Supply (having a proper spinal alignment) 3. Maximized Quality Nutrients (easy to follow dietary guides) 4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle (effective exercise plan) 5. Minimized Toxins (eliminating unnecessary prescription and over-the- counter drugs) The Maximized Living Health Center also sells things like books, vitamins and supplements, and fitness equipment to improve patient wellness and bring in a supplemental income.


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