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Michelin Retread Shop

Michelin Retread Shop Franchise

Michelin Retread Shop is a national chain of locations franchised by Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc. since 1997. Michelin Retread Shops are franchise-owned and operated stores, primarily for providing retread services for truck tires in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Michelin Retread Shops offer high-quality truck tire retreading services using the Michelin patented Custom Mold and/or Pre-Mold tire retreading technology. Michelin Retread Shops patented retreading process extends the life on tires and improves gas mileage on vehicles. More about the cost of owning a Michelin Retread Shop franchise below.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


Michelin Retread Shop franchisees operate shops employing one of the three patented Michelin retreading processes: Pre-Mold, Custom Mold or a combination Pre-Mold and Custom Mold retread service. Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc., offers Michelin Retread Shop franchises on a limited basis, under various partnership agreements. Michelin Retread Shop franchisees must operate stores in accordance with Michelin Retread Technologies methods and specifications, using Michelin products, systems and inventory, including Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc., Rubber Products.

Michelin Retread Shop Franchise Opportunities – History

Michelin Retread Shop began in 1997, and is a franchising subsidiary of Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc., which is based in Duncan, South Carolina.

What Does A Michelin Retread Shop Franchise Cost?

Retread Shop Franchise Income

The franchise fee for opening a Michelin Retread Shop is $2,500. Initial investment includes purchase of Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc., equipment and will range from $735,000 to $4.5 million, depending on what kind of Michelin Retread Shop franchise is opened, Pre-Mold, Custom Mold or combination capability. Equipment purchase costs include shop installation.

Michelin Retread Shop Franchise Business Opportunities: Other Information

The tire retreading industry is a highly competitive market that can be significantly affected by several factors, including economic conditions, season variations and specific aspects of a given location. Demand for retreaded tires, for example, is higher during spring and summer, typically heavier driving seasons.


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