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Interested in a career teaching art to children? By becoming a Mission: Renaissance franchisee you partner with a leader in the exploding education market and can become an asset to your community. As the front-runner in fine art education for over 35 years, Mission: Renaissance is now providing franchise opportunities for qualified individuals. Now more than ever we are looking for people who have the qualifications, drive and commitment to become part of the Mission: Renaissance Family.

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Join a Leader in Fine Art Education! Become a Mission: Renaissance Franchisee.

With the steady decline in school budgets, the arts are being cut from children's education across the U.S. Now more than ever we are looking for people who have the qualifications, drive and commitment to become part of the Mission: Renaissance Family. If you have the desire to learn and follow a system that provides value and customer satisfaction, look no further than Mission: Renaissance.

Benefits of Becoming a Mission: Renaissance Franchisee:

  • Established, Results Driven Method – Mission: Renaissance exclusively utilizes The Gluck Method of fine art instruction. As a franchisee you will be trained in our method so that, not only will you personally benefit as an artist, you will be capable of teaching others the principles they will use to create their own works of art. The Gluck Method establishes a solid foundation in art applicable to all mediums.
  • Brand Recognition – As a Mission: Renaissance franchise you will do business under an established brand name from the day your studio opens. Our history, reputation and image can help to establish brand recognition in your community. As our franchise network expands, so too will the brand name and recognition.
  • Proprietary Systems – Over our 35 plus years we have created proprietary systems to aid in the administration and management of a Mission: Renaissance studio. The ability to track student profiles, attendance records, inventory and sales are quick and easy with our proprietary computerized program. In addition, we provide each franchisee with access to a resource website with staff training materials, proprietary videos, marketing images, print on demand forms and more. We also have system support staff to help you in using these systems.
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced Support Team – As a Mission: Renaissance franchisee you will benefit from our knowledgeable and experienced support staff who are ready and eager to help you establish and build your studio. We have years of experience running art schools and can address your questions or concerns on an ongoing basis. While we have sought to cover almost everything in the Franchise Operations Manual, we are also just a phone call or e-mail away. You will also receive visits from a Franchise Area Representative.
  • National Toll-Free Call Center – You won`t always be available to talk with prospective students interested in finding out about attending classes. Our national toll-free call center is staffed with trained registrars to handle inquiries for every Mission: Renaissance studio. When a prospective student calls they'll be provided with information, pricing and can even schedule to attend classes in your studio.
  • Comprehensive Training - Starting your own business can be a long-term learning experience. What are the pitfalls and how do you build your clientele? With our comprehensive training program you will learn:
  • How to Teach The Gluck Method
  • Our Sales and Marketing Techniques
  • Studio Administration and Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Student Billing and Financial Recording
  • Pre-Established Supply Lines And Major Purchasing Power – As a Mission: Renaissance franchisee you can benefit from volume discounts provided by our vendors. Mission: Renaissance suppliers are selected to provide the materials you need.
  • Easier Start Up – Many franchisors want their franchisees to get into business quickly and will do what they can to facilitate that. As such, you could own a franchise that is open for business in a much shorter time than it would take to open your own business.

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