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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Mr. Handyman


Since 2000, Mr. Handyman has been the go-to solution for homeowners across America, as the one-stop shop for a wide range of home maintenance and repair solutions. Mr. Handyman franchisees are self-sufficient, business leaders that take pride in contributing to their communities while creating an entrepreneurial lifestyle they can control…without ever lifting a hammer.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$117,500 - $149,100
Franchise fee
Units in operation
Franchising Since

Own a Mr. Handyman Franchise - Questions & Answers

What is it?

  • Home & commercial handyman services, including painting, carpentry, installation of fencing, restroom & drywall repair & more
  • Home projects encompass attic, bathroom, deck & patio, garage, kitchen, basement, home office and more, while commercial specialties include projects within offices, banks, malls, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and factories
  • Touts its fully insured, highly skilled contractors with an average of 10 years' experience in the trades
  • Mr. Handyman owners are part of the Neighborly group of home services franchises, allowing them to cross-promote their services to a wider audience of potential customers

How does it make money?

  • Customers pay for individual handyman services on a project by project basis
  • Customers may also sign longer-term, renewable contracts for ongoing maintenance work

Who is it for?

  • People who exhibit the qualities of discipline, ambition, confidence, high energy, passion, and natural leadership ability
  • Franchisees are provided both upfront and ongoing training, but those with a handy disposition and knowledge of construction, remodeling, or general maintenance techniques are at an advantage
  • Those seeking a business model that allows them to set their own schedule rather than a standard M-F 9-5

What would you do as a franchise owner?

  • Conduct a variety of services, from repairs and replacements to installations and assembly
  • Hire and dispatch your handyman employees to complete customer projects
  • Execute local marketing campaigns, supported by Mr. Handyman's software and systems, to generate a steady flow of fresh job leads for your business


Mr. Handyman

Take Control of Your Lifestyle. Own America’s Trusted Handyman Franchise.

Since 2000, Mr. Handyman franchise owners have been orchestrating their own teams of handyman “heroes” in communities across America. Today, the Mr. Handyman brand is the modern-day handyman solution for tens of thousands of customers per year, catering to a growing population of aging Baby Boomers, coming-of-age Millennials, and every maintenance-minded homeowner in between.

A Model That Makes Sense

• No Toolbelt Required As a Mr. Handyman franchise owner, you won’t be the one wearing the toolbelt, but you will get to wear a variety of hats: marketer, relationship builder, team leader, CEO.

• An Exercise in ControlAn executive ownership model, Mr. Handyman allows former corporate warriors like you to take back control of your lifestyle, your professional longevity, and your income potential.

• Lead Teams, Solve ProblemsProblem solving is at the heart of what you’ll be doing as a Mr. Handyman franchise owner – for homeowners in your community, for the team you’ll be leading, and for your own personal fulfillment.

What Sets Us Apart

• Homeowners Need a Hero Mr. Handyman alleviates stress for our customers, freeing valuable time for them to focus on what they want to do instead of what they have to do.

• Your Services are Customizable - A key advantage to the Mr. Handyman model is the fact that your service offerings are customizable to your comfort level. You may continue hiring “generalists” to accomplish a higher volume of smaller jobs, or you may diversify by hiring specialists to tackle more sophisticated, time-consuming work.

• The Competition Can’t Compete - Regardless of the services you choose to offer, your Mr. Handyman franchise will always stand out from the competition. From the first phone call with a knowledgeable customer service professional, to the tech who shows up in a brightly branded red van with collared shirt and ID badge, to the follow-up call to ensure satisfaction – we create a customer experience – one that many customers are eager to repeat. A 100% workmanship guarantee doesn’t hurt, either.

Undeniable Benefits

• Recession-Resistant Regardless of season or economy, things break, and need to be fixed

• Marketing DrivenDirect-to-consumer, no cold calling

• Simply Designed Operations - Few moving parts, low overhead, minimal office space

• Prime TerritoriesRoom to grow with protected territories nationwide

• Work / Life Balance Family-friendly work week, no on-call or emergency work

• ProTradeNet® Buying Power Price breaks from 200 suppliers; Franchise owners from all Neighborly brands have earned $4M in rebates annually

Support That’s Second to None

One of the best things about franchise ownership is the ability to be in business for yourself with the backing of an experienced franchisor and a network of seasoned, helpful fellow franchisees.

• A Sure Start out of the Gate - Our Sure Start training is a six-week program combining classroom-style business operations, sales, and marketing training. You won’t be swinging a hammer, you’ll be running a business, and we’ll ensure you know how.

• Powerful Proprietary Technology - Our custom business management software simplifies your day-to-day administrative duties. It’s an all-in-one system for job estimates, tracking leads, assistance with leadership, workplace culture and more.

• Building a Strong TeamYour people will make all the difference in your business. A third-party, industry-leading hiring and onboarding platform helps you find the right people to deliver quality services in your community – the Mr. Handyman Way.

• Making the Phone RingIn addition to your local marketing efforts, we keep the national marketing engine running on your behalf, with a hyper-focus on digital ads that continuously raise awareness and drive leads to your business.

• Stay Connected Get ongoing training and guidance from a seasoned Franchise Business Coach and strategize with other accomplished Mr. Handyman franchise owners at regional and national gatherings and workshops.

We’re Not Looking for Handymen. We’re Looking for Business Owners.

Our current franchise owners come from a variety of professional backgrounds, but all have solid business acumen, relationship- and team-building experience, and the ability to be the face of the business from a sales and marketing perspective.

A common thread among Mr. Handyman franchise owners is the desire to be in control of their lifestyle, schedule and income potential. This type of control is uncommon in Corporate America.

By nature, our franchise owners have a penchant for problem solving – a natural parallel to fixing things. They enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a job completed, something crossed off their customer’s to-do list.

What It Means to Be Neighborly®

Mr. Handyman is a proud member of Neighborly®, the guiding force behind the world’s largest and fastest-growing family of premier home services brands. Nearly 1 million customers worldwide have been proudly served by a Neighborly brand every year.

With the largest national home services customer base in the industry, our franchise owners have the potential to cross-market to customers of the other Neighborly brands in their area.

Our more than 38 years of collective experience in the home services and franchise industries have empowered a growing network of like-minded entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of business ownership and a more flexible lifestyle with our 22 award-winning brands. From plumbers to painters and everything in between, no one knows the Home Service Industry better than Neighborly.

Take Control of Your Future with a Mr. Handyman Franchise

What comes next is up to you. Don’t miss your chance to obtain the lifestyle fix you’ve been looking while prime territories are still available nationwide.



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