Mr Hero Franchise

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About Mr Hero

Mr. Hero is an exciting alternative to the typical fast food restaurant. Founded as a specialty sandwich shop this is a food centered organization. Mr. Hero Restaurants are committed to using proprietary recipes to differentiate their food from all other quick serve restaurants. Mr. Hero has over 40 years of experience and a reputation for superlative products. They have helped entrepreneurs achieve the freedom of owning their own Mr. Hero restaurants. Mr. Hero is different from organizations because of their community connections and contributions to local charities.

Full Franchise Information

MR. HERO?, known for cheesesteaks, burgers and subs, is an exciting alternative to the typical quick-service restaurant. The MR. HERO? difference centers on the food! MR HERO? has grilled food offerings, such as the signature Romanburgers, the Grilled Chicken Philly, Hot Buttered Cheesesteaks and Potato Waffer Fries. The extensive menu also boasts an assortment of deli subs, fresh salads, pasta and an array of sides and desserts. MR. HERO ? is Keepin' It Fresh!

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