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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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MY Culture

MY Culture Franchise

MY Culture yogurt is a hot new concept built around offering customers their choice of fast, healthy and fresh yogurt-based food in a modern and beautiful retail environment. MY Culture's offerings mean consumers no longer have to choose between the convenience of fast food on the go and the nutritious yogurt flavors so many customers crave today. Instead, they can stop into MY Culture's bright, modern outlets and enjoy a healthy alternative, fast and fresh!

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$60,000 - $120,000
Franchise fee



  • High Demand for Global Health Brand
  • Low Risk, High Growth & Income producing investment
  • Very strong revenue potential in the short and long term
  • Revenues are diverse, cumulative and recurring
  • Very high profit margin
  • Minimal operation costs
  • Very affordable franchise costs
  • The lowest royalties on the market


  1. Franchise investment by Territory - Master Franchise
  2. Franchise Investment by Store Size – 30K Unit Franchise


  • Luxury Restaurants, Cafes and Bars;
  • Stores and Shopping Centers;
  • Recreation and Entertainment;
  • Hospitals, Healthcare, Health clubs, Beauty Salons;
  • Cinema, train/tube stations;
  • Schools and Community places;
  • Theme Parks, Health Resorts, Golf Clubs, Ice Rinks;
  • Supermarkets

LOCATION: Worldwide


  • All Licenses are in place.
  • All Legal requirements have been met.
  • The Team is very experienced to run the Proposed Project.
  • These projects complement the Community where it will be situated


**?Project ID: My Culture Franchise Opportunity

Brand Overview MY Culture is unique point of sale solution that allows retailers and brands to interact and target customers with specific offers based on health directionapproach and food preferences. It is build around offering customers the choice of fast, healthy and fresh yogurt based food in a retail environment.

MY Culture is a creation of an essentially new generation of yogurt and yogurt based products, both frozen and non frozen, organic and non organic, irrespectively of age and gender. Such as frozen yogurt, soft scoop, mix it and soft serve, yoghurt dressed soups and salads, yogurt sushi, fresh fruit and vegetables accompanied by yogurt, pastries, wraps and power pots infused with yogurt, yogurt smoothies and shakes, etc.

MY Culture is:

  • Innovative brand concept;
  • Health directed diversity, of only one-of-a- kind, self owned product IP;
  • Unique store arrangements for kiosk, food court, high street.

The development of my Culture represents continuous innovation of operation, business models, products, management and culture. This innovative spirit is making my Culture a constantly evolving and dynamic brand.

How to become a MY Culture Partner

  1. Master Franchise opportunity – one-off fee with a benefit to sell regions. In addition to the Master Fee, the investment of $30,000 would be required to set up the first MY Culture store.
  2. 30K Unit Franchise opportunity - $30,000 upfront cost. ?This cost incorporates the following:

    • Full kiosk design;
    • All the relevant equipment;
    • All POS equipment including iPads;
    • 1 month of stock to get you up and going;
    • Delivery costs of kiosk, equipment and first month stock. ??What you need to get started:
    • A 10 sq meter location in your town or city for your MY Culture kiosk.
    • All relevant approvals for your site.
    • Sign a very straight forward agreement.


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