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NrGize Lifestyle Cafe


NRgize Lifestyle Cafe appeals to the active fitness-minded customer. Located primarily in health and fitness clubs for the reason customers are there–stay in line physically and mentally. The full menu is designed to keep calories, carbs, fats and sugars low, while keeping flavors high.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$113,900 - $339,300
Franchise fee
Units in operation


The Brand

Founded in 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona, the NrGize Lifestyle Cafe™ brand was created to provide the growing population of health-conscious consumers with a product line that complemented their active lifestyle. Because of this, the brand was a natural fit in health clubs, gyms and other workout facilities and quickly opened locations in some of the nation’s largest health and sports clubs. With this foundation, the NrGize® brand began expanding into a multitude oflocations, both traditional and non-traditional. Today, with locations from coast to coast, the NrGize brand provides customers all over the country with a refreshment that they can feel good about. Famous for our signature smoothie recipe, the menu offers a wide variety of Blended Fruit Smoothies, Mega Smoothies, Beneficial Blends and Power Shots; all made from only the highest quality ingredients available. Take your future into your own hands and pursue your dream of becoming an NrGize Lifestyle Cafe business owner. If you provide the drive and determination, we’ll provide the tools and support.

The Product

Born from a healthy living philosophy, the NrGize® menu was designed to offer customers a healthy option without sacrificing quality and flavor. Our unique product line features items that are low in sugar, fat and carbohydrates but packed with flavor. From our Blended Fruit Smoothies to our Power Shots, we have something for everyone. We are particularly proud of the energizing qualities of our Mega Smoothies and Beneficial Blends that help customers power through their workouts and the rest of the day. The high quality vitamins, nutrients and special supplements blended into these fruit smoothies, such as protein and ginseng, provide health benefits that promote overall well-being.* Whether a healthy snack or meal alternative on the go, the NrGize brand offers a delicious, fast and nutritious refreshment that is ideal for any time of the day.

Locations & Design

NrGize Lifestyle Cafe™ locations are designed to provide a healthy smoothie for customers in an environment that compliments their active lifestyle. In keeping with the creation of the brand name, our décor package features words of inspiration and a colorful palette sure to make customers feel energized.

NrGize Lifestyle Cafe locations are found in a variety of venues, often inside or near health clubs, gyms or other workout facilities. However the brand is rapidly expanding into other locations including strip centers, shopping malls, colleges/universities, airports, medical centers and business parks. NrGize Lifestyle Cafe restaurants can also be co-branded with one of Kahala’s other exciting concepts. Co-branding offers NrGize franchiseesthe benefit of expanding their customer base and stimulating additional day-part sales. We encourage qualified franchisees to open multiple locations and explore co- branding options where opportunities are available. From time-to-time, existing locations are available for purchase. More information can be obtained on local opportunities through each market’s designated regional representative.

Why Franchise?

Customers nationwide are demanding convenient, great tasting food offerings that won’t jeopardize theirhealth-conscious lifestyle. The NrGize Lifestyle Cafe™ brand delivers on this demand, offering delicious,nutrient-packed products that fuel and satisfy everyone from the athlete to the novice, and all those inbetween. We stand firm on our commitment to health and set ourselves apart from our competitors by usingonly the most flavorful fruit, highest quality supplements and our proprietary smoothie recipes, all of which make our product line truly unique.* As smoothies continue to be a popular meal replacement and snackoption for consumers, the NrGize® brand has great potential to continue its expansion.

With your business in mind, the NrGize brand continues to evolve as consumer demands and trendschange. From unique co-branding opportunities to additional menu items, we are constantly moving forwardwith new ways to grow your business. Our research and development team takes great pride in developing products that meet the ever changing demands of our health conscious customers.

And the support doesn’t stop there. When you become an NrGize franchisee, we’ll be by your side throughoutthe journey of opening your store. Our dedicated NrGize team will assist you with important pre-openingsteps such as site selection, design and construction, as well as a grand opening plan. Our tested operatingsystem and industry experience enables us to keep the cost of entry and operating costs as low as possible.

Our comprehensive training program delivers the tools you need to efficiently operate your NrGize Lifestyle Caferestaurant. Prior to opening, you will receive 16 hours of in-store training which outlines the operational systems used in an NrGize Lifestyle Cafe restaurant. Additionally, you will be issued your operations manual and toolkit.Upon completion of your in-store training, you will spend five days at the Kahala Training & Education Center (KTEC) in Scottsdale, Arizona. Topics covered at KTEC include coaching, customer service, training, business information,marketing, crisis management, profitability and more. To complete your formal training, your designated NrGizerepresentative will provide on-site support for your grand opening.

To assist you in driving strong customer traffic, you will have the opportunity to participate in trafficbuildingpromotions such as in-store marketing programs, limited-time offer promotions, coupons andvarious other initiatives to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your juice bar.

Most importantly, you will have a designated NrGize representative available to support you and answerquestions along the way. They will be your day-to- day contact throughout the process of opening your store,and they will continue to support you as you grow your business. This representative is located near yourregion so they know you, your store and your business opportunities.


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