Parker-Anderson Enrichment Franchise

For over twenty-five years, we've offered the most diverse selection of after school programs that any franchise has to offer.

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About Parker-Anderson Enrichment

Our motto is “Fun Comes First,” our intention is to educate through hands-on learning, and our hope is that students around the world can share our abundant array of classes.

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About Us

Let’s start by telling you what we are not. Image title

  • We are not a learning center.

  • We do not have a storefront that students visit.

  • We do not tutor.

We meet students where they already are: at their schools after school.

No parent has to pick up, drive, and drop off at some location. Students simply stay at school for an extra hour—no tests, no books, but meaningful ways to learn—tactile, visual, and fun!

There is a huge market for after school enrichment that was not there fifteen years ago because:  

  • When both or single parents or caregivers work, enrichment is a
    valuable alternative to day care.

  • Schools are busy! They often do not have time, resources, or funding to develop their own enrichment progrImage titleams.

Our Mission & Vision

We are looking for franchisees who are enthusiastic about our
approach and understand that when fun comes first, learning
comes next.

We are unwavering in our commitment to top quality service.
Our goal is to expand across the nation through franchising and
bring our stimulating enrichment classes to students in a
fun and exciting way!

Capitalization & Our Ideal Candidate

Parker-Anderson Enrichment provides its franchisees the opportunityto create a lucrative career while beingImage title of service to their community.

It's a ground floor opportunity with success for more than 20 years inLos Angeles and Orange Counties. Many of the over 200 schools theywork with have been with them since their inception. Be part of thegrowth of something that has value for yourself and others!

Some qualities we look for in new franchisees include:

  • Motivation to succeed

  • A desire to be your own boss

  • Confidence 

  • Committment to building a successful franchiseImage title

  • Willingness to start a business from the bottom up

  • Some experience in education (helpful but not required)

  • Some management skills


Initial Training

The Initial Training process allows you to easily learn how to take
advantage of the Parker-Anderson Franchise Website. This is where all the wonderful tools you have access to will allow you to operate your business. Parker-Anderson provides an initial training program to Franchisee and one (1) additional person who is or will be an employee of Franchisee. It won’t shine your shoes but…you will love it!Image title

Ongoing Training

Parker-Anderson Enrichment’s Ongoing Training program includes
online meetings, emails, phone conversations and other forms of communication. Our corporate office will help you reach your goals as you enter the world of after school enrichment.

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