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At Pickles & Ice Cream, they know that an expecting woman is radiant, beautiful and sexy. She deserves clothing that makes the same statement. And she deserves a place to get clothing that makes her feel like the amazingly gorgeous mother-to-be that she is. This is the oldest and largest maternity clothing franchise in the United States. They know what pregnant women need and also what they want. Stores feature all the casual and comfortable clothing that moms-to-be need and the latest fashions and trends they crave. Each boutique features high quality clothing, fashionable accessories, nursing necessities, and so much more. Pickles & Ice Cream is a well-recognized name and the company has plans to grow in several new markets each season.

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Unimpressed with many of the clothing options for pregnant women, mom-to-be Kelly Fleming went in search of stylish maternity wear similar to the clothes already in her closet. Before long, Fleming began selling her finds to other pregnant women, setting up appointments with customers interested in her clothes.
In 1997, Fleming created Pickles & Ice Cream, a retail store that brought all the chic maternity clothing Fleming had discovered under one roof. The company also has a catalog.

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