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Pie Five Pizza Company


Pie Five Pizza has taken huge strides since its arrival on the pizza scene just three years, offering custom-made pizzas with fresh ingredients in less than five minutes. The popularity of its brand has been evident from an economic as well as artistic standpoint, and it's growing primarily through word-of-mouth. When it comes to critical appraisals, Pie Fie Pizza has already garnered awards for hottest concepts and chains, along with an award for the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

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Facts & Figures


Customers rule the Pie Five Pizza kitches

The appeal of Pie Five Pizza stems from the opportunity for customers to be able to dictate how their pizza will be made. While that trend has also been attempted with other franchises, the rapid success enjoyed by Pie Five shows clearly that the company knows what its customers want. Those customers have the option of not only choosing from one of the company’s 10 recipes, but making up their own combination of toppings, paying the same price every time. Even the type of crust can widely vary: the standard pan crust, artisan thin dough, gluten-free or whole grain.

Rapid growth for Pie Five Pizza Company

Pie Five Pizza’s parent company is Pizza Inn Holdings, Inc., founded in 1958 and publically traded company on the NASDAQ index. The company originally produced pizza in the traditional manner for its restaurants. Then, in 2011, Pie Five Pizza was created, beginning with a single store in the Dallas area. The concept of individual pizzas made fast caught on quickly, with 26 locations now covering nine states. In its most recent financial disclosure, the Pie Five Pizza subsidiary saw a 17 percent increase in comparable store sales. Contracts for more than 200 new units in 14 states as well as Washington, D.C. have already been signed.

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