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Pinch A Penny


Pinch A Penny is the country's largest retail & service franchise catering to residential pool, patio, and spa owners. Pinch A Penny sells everything pool, patio, and spa owners need, including chemicals, parts, toys, floats, grills, above-ground pools, cleaning, and upkeep services. You can choose to start a retail store-only business or a combination retail store plus services business. Ideal for those with backgrounds in management, marketing, or retail, with a passion for exceptional customer service.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$249,100 - $589,800
Franchise fee
$37,500 - $50,000
Units in operation
Franchising Since

The FranchiseHelp Brief

What is it?
  • Selling everything pool, patio, and spa owners need, like chemicals, parts, grills, toys, above-ground pools, and maintenance service
  • Pinch A Penny gives franchisees two business models to choose from - a pure retail store format as well as a combo retail store plus pool, patio, and spa services format
How does it make money?
  • Sales of swimming pool, patio, and spa supplies, accessories, parts, games, floats, grills and treatments
  • Service fees for pool, patio, and spa cleaning, upkeep, and ongoing maintenance
  • Pinch A Penny boasts Average Unit Volume of over $1 million (counting all retail operations in business for all of 2016, average annual sales were $1,183,228)
Who is it for?
  • Those with a genuine passion for owning a business where they and their staff provide above-and-beyond service to customers
  • Entrepreneurs who prefer a seasonal business, with greater involvement in warm seasons and less work in cooler seasons
  • Industry experience not required, as Pinch A Penny will train franchisees on all facets of the business; many successful Pinch a Penny franchise owners have backgrounds in executive management, marketing, retail, and communications
What would you do as a franchisee?
  • Manage sales of products, accessories and service
  • Hire and assign pool, patio, and spa service staff, as necessary
  • Acquire and maintain repeat residential customers
  • Oversee day-to-day retail store operations, such as buying supplies and maintaining inventory levels


With average unit sales of over $1.26 Million* you can take care of your family's future while helping other families take care of their pool!

Should You Own A Pinch A Penny Franchise?

Set Your Sights On Joining The Leader

Unlike some franchise opportunities you may have researched, Pinch A Penny has one simple offer. We invite you and your family to make a positive lifestyle change and begin working with us. You'll have all the advantages of working with the world's largest franchised pool and spa care company.

Our history speaks for itself. We've grown from one store in 1975 opened by Founder Fred Thomas, to an entire network of stores in the Southeastern U.S., which are now directed by Fred's son, John Thomas. And we're still growing in leaps and bounds due to our diligence in helping franchisees grow their sales and profits. As you'd expect from a family approach to business, we're there each and every step of the way. We train you. Encourage you. Advise you. And give you the resources you need to carry on the Pinch A Penny tradition of quality, reliability and expertise in a fun, family-oriented atmosphere. This information is designed to answer questions you may have before joining our successful Pinch A Penny family and to help identify if this opportunity is right for you and your family as well.

Is The Market Growing?

After four decades of continued growth in Florida and the surrounding states, Pinch A Penny is bringing its pool care expertise and service to the growing markets of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. These markets, like Florida, have large populations of pool owners who will enjoy the benefits of the selection, expertise and service offered by a locally owned Pinch A Penny franchise. Combine the strong population growth in these states with a climate ideal for poolside living, and you have a strong potential for great returns on your investment.

How do we know? Because we've done our homework. It's also reassuring to consider that pools and spas need continual maintenance. So not only are these markets growing, but those pools and spas already in place provide a solid base for business.

Do Consumers Like Shopping At Pinch A Penny?

Pinch A Penny is based upon a unique and proven concept - provide an extensive line of pool and spa care products and the expertise to use them wisely. We don't just ring up purchases. Instead, we're a source of advice many pool owners quickly come to rely on.

Pinch A Penny stores offer one of the most complete lines of pool chemicals, maintenance equipment, and parts and accessories available anywhere, which gives franchisees a competitive advantage. Combine this with top-of-the-line patio furniture, games, toys, floats, grills, above-ground pools and more, and consumers have a one-stop resource for anything and everything they need for pools and spas.

During warmer months, business increases dramatically and store owners must put in long days to properly service customers' needs. As in any well-run retail business, you must also attend to the demands of ordering, stocking inventory and housekeeping.

An Education In Success

We don't just run you through the basics and leave you to learn on your own. You'll be required to undergo up to four weeks of training on virtually every aspect of pool care. Only then can you confidently and thoroughly serve your customers. Plus, we offer on-going training opportunities for you and your associates.

Our primary training courses are conducted at the Pinch A Penny Corporate Headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, by some of the industry's most knowledgeable experts. Our Training Coordinator is a Certified Pool Operator Instructor recognized by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and Certified Aquatic Facility Operators.

Your Training Coordinator will leave no stone unturned. After all, the more you know about what you sell and why you sell it, the more valuable your business will be for both you and your customers. In fact, we've found the key to any franchisee's success is the ability to develop a loyal customer base through such extensive knowledge and customer service, which is unmatched by your competitors.

Advertising Designed To Get Results

While referrals are important, we would never expect you to rely on just that or self promotion to make your franchise work its hardest. We have an entire staff of advertising professionals who create national-caliber, targeted advertising campaigns to promote the Pinch A Penny brand.

Our award-winning efforts have helped foster our expert reputation in the minds of our target audiences. And we have one of the most sophisticated pool owner databases to make sure we're getting our message to the right people.

Where Do I Get My Merchandise From?

Most of what you'll sell can be ordered through an affiliated central distribution facility in Clearwater, Florida. Stores receive deliveries on a regularly scheduled basis. Even in transit, we're promoting the Pinch A Penny name through image advertising on our trucks that travel throughout the Southeast.

Ideal Candidate

Pinch A Penny stores are owned and operated by families who live in their community. Franchise opportunities are currently available in many southeast markets and we're always ready to add good people to our family of over 235 locally owned Pinch A Penny stores. With a comprehensive training program we teach you how to help your customers take care of their pools. All you need is the desire and drive to offer unparalleled customer service which is what our customers have come to expect when they shop at their local Pinch A Penny store. $200k minimum net worth required to apply. Owning another business automatically disqualifies an applicant from buying a Pinch A Penny franchise.

*For the year ending December 31, 2017, Pinch A Penny had 238 stores open. Of those stores, 225 have been open two years or longer. Of those opened two years or longer, the average annual gross revenue was $1,260,764. 138 stores (61%) had annual gross revenues below the average and 87 stores (39%) had annual gross revenues above the average. Your results may differ. There is no assurance that you will do as well. See our 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document for more information.

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