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Pita Pit


Pita Pit is the future of quick, casual food service. We call it Fresh Thinking - Healthy Eating. People are changing the way they eat - they want something unique and healthy - and Pita Pit delivers in an innovative way. The company is poised for explosive growth and we want you to join us!

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$187,450 - $314,979
Franchise fee
Units in operation



Why Us

Pita Pit has created an entire culture and a proven franchising system - one that has undergone fifteen years of fine tuning -to meet this growing demand. The unique combination of fresh, healthy food, mainstream music, and a lot of fun -along with young, high-energy staff members and customers, creates the very unique Pita Pit vibe. Today, there are more than 220 Pita Pit locations in the United States, and over 450 Pita Pit locations worldwide -the company is poised for explosive growth and we want you to join us!

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Growing Demand

****“There is growing demand for simple, convenient, quick, and healthy food -a market Pita Pit is increasingly capitalizing on.”

With consumer’s eating habits trending toward low-carb and reduced-fat foods, sandwich bread and pizza crust are losing their popularity; and that is causing traditional fast food franchises to not perform as well as made-to- order restaurant concepts.

Pita Pit was founded on the premise that people want a fresh alternative to fast-food restaurants; a place where healthy, great tasting food is served fresh, but still fast. At Pita Pit, we’ve capitalized on the consumer’s desire for fresh and healthy, and great tasting food. While these desires often compete with one another, we have designed a system which accomplishes them all.

Pita Pit ‘Cult’-ure

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****Pita Pit has crazy-devoted fans all across the country because we offer fresh, healthy, quick food, like nowhere else! So much so, our brand has spawned an enthusiastic, cult-like following. Pita Pit thrives on our passionate, loyal fans, who treat our stores as a social-hub and visit again and again. Our customers constantly crave us!

Our competitive advantage is so much more than lean meats and fresh veggies stuffed into a unique pita shell. Much more. Pita Pit customers often use the word “love” when describing how they feel about our restaurant. We not only allow, but encourage, franchise owners and staff to emulate the brand’s personality -Friendly, Cheerful, Edgy, Engaging, Casual, Clever, Irreverent, and Cool -which makes Pita Pit an awesome place to dine, an awesome place to work, and an awesome franchise to own!

Great Locations are Still Available

Why You Should Invest Now

****Franchising with the Pita Pit is a great way to become part of the booming restaurant industry. Our franchisees benefit from a very popular concept and a proven system -one that has undergone fifteen years of fine tuning. Although Pita Pit has grown significantly since our inception, we are still a relatively new concept with great opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” and grow with the brand. With consumer eating trends shifting toward healthier options, now is the time to invest in Pita Pit USA, and become a Pita Pit franchisee.

The Right DNA

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Do You Have What It Takes?

****Pita Pit is the future of quick, casual foodservice. We call it Fresh Thinking -Healthy Eating. People are changing the way they eat -they want something unique and healthy. Our food is fresh, fun, and reflects a healthier and active lifestyle.

Our franchisees not only benefit from our proven business model and support, but also from knowing that they are invested in a business that is a source of pride, as well as a profit. It’s a very exciting time to be a Pita Pit franchisee. But first, do you have what it takes?

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Do you LOVE the product (or concept)?
  • Are you are passionate about bringing a_Healthier Alternative_than QSR Status Quo to the market you want to develop?
  • Do you believe that the Pita Pit is a unique opportunity, both in product and business opportunity?
  • Do you want to take advantage of the growing consumer trends towards quick, fresh and healthy meals, and bold ethnic flavors?
  • Are you willing to work hard to grow the brand in your market through deep-rooted community involvement?
  • Are you are excited to be a part of a growing concept?

If you answered YES to these questions -you have the right Pita DNA!

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