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About Pizza Patron

Pizza Patron is an American pizza chain with over ninety locations across the southwest. Based in Dallas, Texas, Pizza Patron was the first pizza chain to cater to the Latino market.

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Pizza Patron is known for its innovating marketing tactics. Its unique style has given it a distinct reputation that has set it apart from other, more conventional pizza chains. In June 2012, the company created a one day promotion that offered a free pizza to anyone who made their order in Spanish. The promotion was a huge success and created significant publicity. Since 2007, the company also accepts Mexican Pesos as currency, further endearing it to the Latino market. Over the past decade, the company has introduced some innovative items to their menu, including the QuesoSticks, Patron Dips, and Fiesta Wings. The company also has miniature "Rapidito" branches for malls and airports, "Tiendita" branches for portable stores, and "Lista" drive-thru branches.

History of Pizza Patron Franchise

The first Pizza Patron opened in 1986, founded by Antonio Swad. It became one of the first pizza chains to be developed specifically for a Latino audience. Franchising began in 2003 and grew quickly. Over the past two decades, Pizza Patron has found significant success in targeting the Latino market, and it continues to grow and gain recognition for its festive stores and great value.

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