Pizza Ranch Franchise

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About Pizza Ranch

With over 180 outlets in 13 states, Pizza Ranch has seen sustained growth through the leadership of its founder, Adrie Groenweg. His primary philosophy is based on providing a viable pizza option that offers original sauce and dough, as well as fresh ingredients. Since opening more than three decades ago, the menu has expanded to add chicken, salads, wraps and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Full Franchise Information

Pizza Ranch stands in contrast to many other pizza restaurants that emphasize a connection to the food’s Italian origins. Instead, it offers an Old West motif that is a staple in each of its restaurants. In addition, Pizza Ranch’s dine-in customers can take advantage of a self-serve buffet option. Offering group meals and fundraising options enables Pizza Ranch to be part of its local community.

History of Pizza Ranch Franchise

In December 1981, the 19-year-old Groenweg used his mother Lorraine’s six specialty pizza recipes to open up his first Pizza Ranch in his hometown of Hull, Iowa. Opening the first restaurant was based on his belief that his fellow citizens shouldn’t have to leave Hull to get good pizza. The steady growth of Pizza Ranch has seen an average of more than five new locations added each year with more than 180 locations across 13 states now running. In 2007, the company moved its corporate headquarters to Orange City, Iowa, and added a Director of Culinary Research and Development two years later.

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