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About Pizza Rustica

Pizza Rustica received its inspiration from "pizza a taglia" -- pizza by the slice sold in the authentic takeaway shops of Rome. Just one unique rectangular slice is so big it has to be sezrved on two plates! The innovative toppings are piled high and made with the freshest produce, including exotic Portobello and shiitake mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, juicy plum tomatoes and much more. In May 1996, Pizza Rustica opened its doors on the corner of 9th Street and Washington in Miami Beach, Florida. Walk in today and it's easy to see that everyone feels comfortable at Pizza Rustica. Customers range from daytime beachgoers to late-night clubbers. Some grab a slice on the run while others stay to enjoy Pizza Rustica's high-energy vibe and colorful crowd. Currently with seventeen locations, the restaurant continues to thrive and prosper.

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