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PizzaRev offers the opportunity for customers to create their own customized pizzas

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PizzaRev offers the opportunity to craft an individual pizza for a reasonable price. Customers are in complete charge of everything related to the creation of their pizza. They can pick between original or gluten-free dough, between one of four sauces or mixing them together, and they can choose from more than 30 cheeses and ingredients. After that, the PizzaRev staff places the creation in a 900-degree stone oven for three minutes. Once it’s done, a customer pays a flat rate of $7.95 for their 11-inch pizza.

The unique concept behind PizzaRev is that instead of simply relying on an unknown individual to make the pizza they’ll be eating, the customer chooses all the ingredients and can supervise the entire process. What makes this assembly-line method run smoothly is the speed with which the pizzas are made and delivered into the waiting hands of customers, a span of less than five minutes from the start of the order. That rapid turnover provides ample opportunity for heavy volume over the course of a business day.

Based in Studio City, California PizzaRev first opened its doors in nearby Northridge on April 20, 2012. Within two years, the company had six outlets in the Southern California area, and had already gained its first major equity investor in the popular chain, Buffalo Wild Wings. At that point, the company signed franchise agreements to open more than 20 new stores across Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Utah.

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