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Planet Sub


Planet Sub's origin dates back of 20 years ago to Lawrence, Kansas, the birthplace of Yello Sub - Lawrence's first and still best sub shop. Planet Sub features scrumptious, made-from-scratch, whole wheat bread and a variety of meats, cheese, and veggies. Planet Sub's sandwiches are oven-baked to achieve a unique taste. Planet Sub is committed to offering you a natural product in a responsible business manner. This includes recycling and environmentally friendly practices. We are proud to serve St. Louis, Kansas City, Warrensburg, Wichita, Springfield, Oklahoma City, Topeka, Lincoln, Des Moines, Phoenix, and soon: Atlanta, Ga! We think you will agree that we offer a fresh approach to a great American meal - The Submarine Sandwich.

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Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


Why Open a Planet Sub?

1) Homemade We make everything sensible from scratch. Whether that be our sauces, marinades, guacamole, or fresh prepared veggies like portobello mushrooms, hand sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, red and green bell peppers, or even our bread… we are a homemade company. There's simply nothing better than food made from scratch. That's why the taste of our bread is much better than any other sub chain. Sure, fresh baked bread all tastes pretty good, but when it's bread that's been made from scratch, flipped and rolled out by hand, it produces a very different taste, one that you and your employees will be proud of. We don't just boast freshness in our marketing, we live it. We operate at a higher level of quality than any of our competitors. This gives us the ability to advertise with a true point of difference, and gives us a pride in our work that spreads through every employee, into every sandwich we make.

2) Simplicity We serve sandwiches, it's not brain surgery! Our systems allow operators to employ entry-level staff, and don't require very many skills, at least none that couldn't be learned in a day or two! There's no cooking, no crazy marketing stunts, and no bologna! (literally!) That means, you can keep your costs down and keep product quality up.

3) Killer Support Network Our support team is down-to-earth and grounded; committed to making things easy for our franchisees. Simply put, we are reachable! Need something now? We'll help you now. We attract people who say what they mean, and mean what they say; that's important when it's 9pm on a Sunday, and you have an emergency! We also offer 30 days of hands-on training, and will work with you every step of the way to make sure when you open, you feel empowered by the brand, not overwhelmed.


Attitude is everything! As you've probably learned by now, we're a homemade company! We attract a certain type of individual because of our irreverent attitude, and the pride of our work. Our employees tend to be artists, musicians, and other "right brained" imaginative people tend to flock to our brand. Because of this, the atmosphere in a Planet Sub becomes very organic and natural! We don't buy into anything fake, and that's why the Planet Sub experience is so different from that of our competitors!

Atmosphere matters to us! Whether it's the authentic Tim Hogan murals hanging on the wall (he's done art for us since the beginning), the real wooden furniture, or the music playing from our speakers, Planet Sub feels REAL! We employ artists, and we know they'd kill us if we tried to put anything in our stores that wasn't completely legit! This atmosphere allows our customers to feel more comfortable, and more at-home when they're eating with us, and that translates into repeat business and satisfied people!

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal franchise candidates will represent the same authentic attitudes that make Planet Sub what it is. We seek people who are looking for more than just a business opportunity, but also for something they can be passionate about and proud of. People who are expressive, leaders in their communities, and who are fueled by integrity and dedication to their passions.


I don't have any restaurant or construction background… is that a problem? It's not a problem at all! We have a comprehensive 30 day training program, which will really empower you to operate your restaurant! We will design the store layout for you, and we will also give you a leasehold manual, construction timelines, artwork packages, and a furniture package which all help to simplify and streamline the process for you.

Is it hard to learn how to make bread from scratch? In your 30 day training process, you get to make bread every single day! It is definitely a labor of love, and there is an art to making perfect bread, but our goal is to have you ready to make bread like a pro before you ever open your store.

How much guidance does Planet Sub provide after I open? We are 100% dedicated to supporting our franchisees. We make sure we're available to help you along the way and long after you're open!

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