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About Primo Hoagies

Primo Hoagies is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based hoagie chain focused on providing the highest quality hoagies with high quality meat and fresh sliced ingredients. Since opening the first store in Philadelphia in 1992, the company has grown to include locations in six states. Primo Hoagies attributes its success to its many unique menu offerings and high commitment to quality. 

Franchising Information

Primo Hoagies began franchising in 2002. Since 2002, the number of franchises has grown to include 89 locations in six states. Franchising with Primo Hoagies provides franchisees with a proven business model, access to an established brand, and training and support from Primo Hoagies.

Primo Hoagies does not require food service experience to open a franchise. Primo Hoagies provides all the training and support for a new franchisee to successfully manage and operate a Primo Hoagies shop. Franchise owners are required to work in the business. 

Training and Support

Primo Hoagies is focused on the idea that training and support are crucial for the lifetime of the business and not just the start of the business. Two people are required to train for 80 hours prior to the store opening. Primo Hoagies will also place trainers and employees in a franchise to assist with the store opening and training. After opening, Primo Hoagies continues to offer training and support in everything from accounting to operations.

Desired Qualities

The main characteristic of a primo hoagies franchisee is a passion for the product and a strong commitment to quality and customer service. A strong work ethic and a desire to learn are also important to the success of a Primo Hoagies franchisee.

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