Red Mango Franchise

Red Mango is a frozen yogurt chain that focuses on serving natural, healthy frozen treats

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About Red Mango

The frozen yogurt choices are nonfat, and often rich in protein and calcium. Even the toppings are healthier than your average frozen yogurt store’s selection: less candy and more nuts, fresh fruits, granola, cheesecake bits, and yogurt chips. (Though there are also some sugary cereal pieces for those who are looking to indulge.)

Full Franchise Information

The name Red Mango comes from the fact that when mangoes are at their most ripe, they turn bright red. This color indicates that the mango is at its most nutritious, which is symbolic of Red Mango’s products being the healthiest frozen yogurt on the market. 

Red Mango is a privately held frozen yogurt franchise. Potential franchisees are invited in for an interview and then asked to submit a business plan.

Red Mango Franchise Opportunities - History

Founder Daniel J. Kim opened his first Red Mango store in Los Angeles in 2007 near UCLA. The company has since expanded to over 150 stores across the country. Kim credits some of his success to putting his healthy dessert chain near college campuses where students are often more health-conscious.

Red Mango Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Red Mango Franchise Income

Franchisees should have a net worth that exceeds $350,000, with $200,000 available in liquid assets. Red Mango has a franchise fee of $35,000 (but only $30,000 for each additional store you open). The initial investment ranges from $258,100 to $441,600 for a traditional store and $331,100 to $488,600 for a self-serve store. 6% of gross sales go to pay the franchise royalty, and an additional 4% must be allocated toward advertising.

Red Mango Business Opportunities: Other Information

Frozen yogurt isn’t Red Mango’s only offering. Additional menu items are smoothies, hot chocolates, probiotic beverages, and parfaits.
In 2011, Zagat rated Red Mango #1 in two of its categories: “Best Smoothie/Frozen Yogurt” and “Top Healthy Options within the Quick Refreshments Chains”.

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