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A Franchise that doesn’t stand still...Roadway Ads puts the “DRIVE” in your business

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About Roadway Ads

Roadway Ads is a one of a kind franchise opportunity that employs state of the art LED Multi screen technology with video and audio capabilities and places these screens on vehicles to transport the advertisers message(s).

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Why Roadway Ads Franchise System LLC?

Roadway Ads has done extensive research in the mobile advertising market and has streamlined the path for the franchisee.

Considerable cost savings can be achieved through our extensive list of suppliers and vendors.

Our graphics design team will save the owner/operator, time by taking Ad Layout,Set up, and design out of the hands of the franchisee so they can save time and focus on building their business.

With national and regional advertising support R.A.F.S llc will be able to provide franchisee with leads from time to time.

Who is Roadway Ads Franchise Systems LLC ?

Roadway Ads has pioneered the the art of Mobile LED Advertising and not only talked the talk, but walked the walk, by operating a very successful business based in the Southern California market. We've attracted Production Companies, Car Dealerships, Home Developers, Attorneys, Real Estate Firms, Lending Institutions, Sporting Goods stores, Solar Companies, Restaurant Chains, Insurance Companies, Record Labels and more. We currently represent companies in Arizona ,Colorado and Nevada.

Why you say ? Well it is very simple, it is because we are mobile!

Roadway Ads has taken the concept of Mobile Billboard Advertising to the next level. The highest level state of the art LED screens available!

What is a Mobile Billboard Truck? 

The vehicle is a truck fabricated into a full-size billboard. This travelling billboard is in constant movement, covering the widest geographic area, including places where other forms of advertising cannot reach. Our trucks travel throughout the city taking your advertising directly to the people.


Cost Efficient

Compare Mobile Billboard Advertising cost to other advertising mediums and you’ll notice that mobile billboards cost the lowest CPM (cost per thousand impressions.) 

Visibility & Impact 

Your mobile billboard can be seen from up to a half of a mile. Grab your share of 180 Billion dollar advertising market


Your message can be changed easily and quickly at minimal cost. You can be an owner operator or a semi-absentee owner.

Performance Tracking 

Your mobile ad can be tracked by our GPS technology

Precision Targeting 

We drive your mobile billboard ad 8 hours per day to targeted areas

Recession Resistant 

This is a "needs" versus a "want" business. Every business needs advertising.

Why Choose Us?

  • No Experience Necessary 

  • Quick Start-Up 

  • Protected Territory 

  • Corporate Field & Marketing Training 

  • Technical Support 

  • Financing readily available

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