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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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Samuel Mancino's

Samuel Mancino's Franchise

The Samuel Mancino's name is well-known throughout communities as a reliable source of quality and value, particularly noted by our famous oven-baked grinders and a welcoming environment that combine to create a memorable dining experience. We offer the value of fast food and the amenities of full service making ourselves a destination for both lunch and dinner. We cook with fresh breads and vegetables to promote good health and better-tasting food. We feature an innovative improvement to the traditional sub sandwich called the "grinder" that uses top-quality bread baked fresh daily, permeating an appetizing, home-like aroma throughout the restaurant.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


Pride. Passion. Profit.

Pride, passion and profit resonate throughout the Samuel Mancino's family. Once you taste our products, hear our customers, and see our systems in operation you'll understand why.

A System of Discerning Quality and Care

Decades of development, planning, and perfection have gone into creating our famous grinder sandwiches, gourmet pizzas, and other Italian-inspired cuisine made only from the finest products, inspiring our tagline:Gourmet Your Way.

Our established success has been rooted in three cornerstones that we uphold with the same devotion we have used to craft our secret recipes and blend our homemade dough. These three cornerstones are:

1. Aim to maximize our franchisees' return on investment:

  • Systems and operational manuals proven to work.
  • Operational and strategic guidance.
  • Supplies from major food and beverage distributors at competitive prices.
  • Streamlined menu options to reduce food costs.

2. Support and value our franchisees to optimize their ability to succeed:

  • Four-week training and shadowing program.
  • Site selection guidance and lease negotiation.
  • Build out and store design assistance.
  • Marketing and operational support.
  • Strong lines of communication between corporate headquarters and franchisees.

3. Keep our customers enthusiastically saying, "I love Samuel Mancino's!" by offering quality and care at affordable prices:

  • We welcome our customers as family in a comfortable, fast-casual environment.
  • A recent customer study proved our customer loyalty, showing that they visit several times per month for our superior food quality.
  • Experts agree that our fast-casual concept that focuses on fresh, gourmet ingredients and ethnic flavors will continue to gain popularity among the US consumer.

Unlike many franchise models, our intention is not to create the largest franchise that seeks fast growth and profit at the expense of its people. Our intention, instead, is to cultivate a franchise that achieves discerning quality and care, so we may be proud of its every aspect. A key part of upholding such a culture is selecting the absolute best franchisees that will invest in multiple units with a spirit of desire, enthusiasm and drive.


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