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Sarpino's Pizzeria

Sarpino's Pizzeria Franchise

Sarpino’s Pizzeria offers a variety of fresh, healthy, and authentic dishes to choose from delivered right to customers’ home or office, offering guests a healthy alternative to heavily processed fast food chains. Sarpino’s provides its franchisees with a variety of marketing materials, operations support, a proprietary software system, and access to a performance improvement consultant.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$246,995 - $333,795
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Great Tasting Food. Highest Quality. Highest Standards.

Sarpino's offers the highest quality gourmet and specialty pizzas, authentic Italian pastas, calzones, hearty sandwiches and paninis, healthy fresh salads, succulent chicken wings, freshly baked garlic and cheesy breadsticks, desserts and beverages.

We use only the highest quality ingredients in all our pizzas, including:

  • 100% real mozzarella and Edam cheeses
  • fresh dough hand-kneaded in our stores daily, based on authentic Italian tradition
  • fresh-packed sauces using only vine-ripened tomatoes
  • a proprietary mix of savory Italian spices
  • a choice of high quality meats (no artificial fillers)
  • the freshest garden vegetables for toppings and salads

Our in-store technology keeps these ingredients fresh, but it’s our innovative food preparation processes (and years of know-how in the kitchen) that enable us to deliver gourmet quality food at the fast speed customers demand.

It’s a difference customers can taste and it’s why they come back again and again.

It’s a uniquely great food that we serve. We have a lot of customers tell us once they try Sarpino’s, they can’t go back to “the other guys,” which is very gratifying. A customer told me how her family might want to go somewhere else, but she can’t order from anywhere but Sarpino’s, because there’s no comparison. The best part is those good comments from customers. That just kind of thrills you. I.M. Evanston, IL

Follow our Proven Systems and Success Will Follow

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When our franchisees follow our systems, success is almost inevitable. Just ask our franchisees in Illinois, Minnesota, and Texas who felt they had fallen behind. With the help of Corporate, they were advised to simply go back to basics … back to Sarpino’s principles.

They were asked to go back and follow the original systems put in place to the most minute detail and it worked!

By returning to the roots of our proven systems, they got back on track. They increased store sales, and most importantly, they continue growing. Our systems work and that is what sets Sarpino’s apart.

Our Mission

If you imagine your goals as an individual and our goals, together, as a family of franchisees, the place where we intersect is our customer. Our business is driven by the desire to create and keep VERY satisfied, loyal, and frequent customers.

Our mission, then, is to provide each and every customer with three simple things:

  • Excellent Products
  • Exceptional Experiences
  • Every Time

Every franchisee has many roles and responsibilities, but every franchisee’s first priority is always to the Sarpino’s customer.

Our customer is at the center of everything we do. They have to be because nothing makes or breaks a business such as ours like the customer experience.

Our Vision

Every Sarpino’s restaurant to have 20,000 loyal active customers that place orders every month and recommend Sarpino’s to others.

Our History

Incorporated in 1999, Sarpino’s first store opened in 2001 in Victoria, Canada. A year later, Sarpino’s opened a store in Singapore and finally set its US roots with a Phoenix, Arizona store which opened January 2003.

I enjoy running my own business. I enjoy the challenge of turning something into profit. I like being able to take a day off to do what I need to do – because I want to. It’s not that I have to go to work now. I want to. I enjoy going to work. My plan for the future is to open 3 or 4 more franchises … and to be a multi-level operator. That way I can help others and continue to be successful as a Sarpino’s operator. K.A. Houston, TX


You're never alone as a Sarpino’s franchisee. We give you all the marketing support you need. Sarpino’s Pizzeria has developed a variety of advertising and marketing materials and sales aids specifically designed to promote the Sarpino’s Pizzeria concept and build long-term profitable relationships with your customers. Sarpino’s Pizzeria also provides its franchisees ongoing assistance with marketing programs that can be used in specific geographic areas, for the greatest local impact.


At Sarpino's, we leave nothing to chance ... including your success. Our systems of operation and training are presented in careful, meticulous detail and it begins with helping our new franchisees establish goals. Without goals and without vision, there is no possible future.

Our operations support extends from financing and training to growing and sustaining profitability. We have proven systems for every step in the process.

We leave nothing to chance in our recipes either. Each one has been perfected and can be replicated by any store … anywhere. We are extremely proud of our family-generated recipes and it shows in everything we do.

Team Building

Although hard work and much time at the store are required of every new franchisee at the beginning, you can never do it alone. That is why our systems and training for team building are critical to our success. You will learn how to hire, train, lead, motivate, and reward your team members for the work they do toward making your store successful. We will help you at every step from initial training through the all-important ongoing training.

Financial Control

One of the most important areas of your business is financial control. We give you the tools and the training, but you are in control of your business. After becoming a franchisee, you will have complete confidence in this area even if you have never been exposed to finances before.

Software System

Sarpino’s Pizzeria is in the lead with its software system. We give you the capabilities to track customers and sales so that you know what is happening at your restaurant every day. Our software system allows your customers to order online and gives you the information you need to analyze trends and plan for the future. We will give you the tools and train you how to use them.

Performance Improvement Consultant

We protect the Sarpino’s Pizzeria brand and we protect you; this is why our franchisees are periodically visited by a Performance Improvement Consultant. The PIC will help you to work towards your business goals by observing operations, interviewing employees and customers, and by working with you to create and execute an action plan that takes advantage of opportunities and eliminates problems.

The support you’re going to get from Sarpino’s USA is pretty much top to bottom. They’re going to have the software and the systems in place for you to run an effective business. They’re also going to help you out with advertising with the menus, with pricing, with printing and distribution. They have experienced all this themselves, so they truly do know exactly what you’re going through and they have the resources for you. I definitely give them two thumbs up. Sarpino’s USA is on track and are definitely making the right steps forward. A.P. Roseville, MN



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