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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

SEI Healthcare


As an SEI Healthcare Franchisee, you'll leverage our Franchise Partners' 12 years of senior care experience to help you grow your successful business. Seeking Single- and Multi-Unit owners, as well as Area Developers in one of our many prime territories.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$52,000 - $255,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation


SEI Healthcare represents a 12-year Culture of Caring®

The Difference:

We established a system of best practicesBEFOREwe franchised our opportunity!

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We operate9 corporate officesin Tennessee & Arkansas, providing a built- in platform forcontinuous improvement.

  • We deploy300+ caregiverswho provide300,000 hours of careannually.
  • Ourproven systems and processesoffera unique approach to differentiation.

SEI Healthcareoffersthree different franchise opportunities, each attracting a different typeof business owner. Franchise candidates are encouraged to examine their ownbusiness and income goals,professional strengths, and relevant, transferrable work experiencesin order to determine the most appropriate franchise path.

  • Asingle unit ownerprefers a veryhands-on approachto building and managing a business. He/she learns and performs every aspect of the business before adding staff and remains actively involved even after developing an effective staff.
  • Amultiple-unit ownerdevelops4 markets, one every six months for two years. He/she begins by learning all aspects of the business, just like a single unit operator, but soon begins todelegate to staff members. The ultimate goal of a 4-pack owner is togrow a large businessby managing other people.
  • Anarea developerhas a totally different objective. He/she is responsible for awarding SEI Healthcare franchises to the best candidates in a large territory, typically an entire state or equally lucrative metropolitan demographic. An A.D. is also accountable for supporting/mentoring the franchisees within the territory, giving them access to local support, in addition to corporate backing. The AD is attracted to the opportunity tobuild a brandanda royalty stream.


What sets SEI Healthcare apart?

SEI Healthcarefounder, Beau Brothers, understood that, before franchising could be a good option for future franchisees, he must

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experience first-handall the client-and caregiver-related challenges inherent to this industry

  • determine the mostwin-win responsesto these challenges
  • developefficient, replicable processes and procedures, and
  • createenviable growthin the markets he served.

With that strategy, SEI Healthcare had grown to 9 corporate locations and 300+ caregivers before any attempt to franchise the model. This is the primary reason we can teach franchisees not only what to do, butwhat not to do.

How much money do I need to start a SEI Healthcarefranchise?

SEI Healthcareoffers three different franchise opportunities, each attracting a different type of business owner and requiring a differentfranchise fee.

  • Single Unit: $40,500
  • 4-Pack Multi Unit Operator: $106,500
  • Area Developer: $135,000 (plus $10,000 per each 1 million population)

What type of candidate is SEI Healthcare seeking?

Because we have developed a suite ofbest practicesand tools to help each franchise succeed,no medical or industry experience is required. We seek candidates who are highly motivatedto make a differencein their community. Demonstratedmarketing or sales abilityandsmall business acumenare beneficial…but the best candidates are those who areself-motivatedto build a sustainable enterprise.

What territories are available?

SEI Healthcare is currently awarding territory in over42 states. Please refer to theterritory mapto determine whether or not SEI Healthcareis offering franchise opportunities in your state.

How much money doSEI Healthcare franchise owners make?

An important part of the franchise award process is receiving and reviewing the Federal Disclosure Document, which offersreal dataregarding the earnings of SEI Healthcareoffices inlargemarkets. While wecannot make any projectionsor guarantees of earnings, the numbers disclosed will help you determineyour earning potential, based on our real scenarios and your own personal level of motivation and commitment.

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Does SEI Healthcare provide financial assistance?

At the appropriate time, weguideour franchise candidates in comparing 401k rollovers to reverse mortgage options to SBA loans. While wedo not offer financing, nor give financial advice, SEI Healthcarehas established relationships with the nation’spremier franchise funding companiesto streamline and simplify the process of examining options and selecting the one most beneficial to you.

What are the advantages of owning a SEI Healthcarefranchise vs. opening an independent non-medical home care business?

Ideal franchise owners recognizewhat they knowandwhat they don’t know. Acquiring a system of proven philosophies, processes and implementation tools, vs. developing these over time and based on trial and error,jumpstartsthe path to profitability by positioning the owner to immediately focus on revenue-generating activities and building a brand.



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