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Smart Brain America is a company that is owned, operated, and founded by a husband and wife team, Surendra M. Gupta and Brahashitha Gupta, respectively. Together they hold college degrees in Marketing, Management, Economics, and Quantitative Techniques. However, they have been involved in educating children and adults since the mid 90’s. Surendra & Brahashitha Gupta launched their Smart Brain America company in 2003. By 2005, Smart Brain America Franchise Corporation had been launched. In 2006 — 2007 much time was spent in taking a closer look at educational industry as a whole, their competitors, and what the future of after-school education looks like. At which point, the franchise model was reformulated and the educational model of the company was expanded. “Sometimes taking that all important step back and reevaluating your company’s big picture is the best thing someone could ever do.”

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