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Soul Fixins’ Restaurant has been operating since 1992; New York’s multi-award winning Berry Brothers have been perfecting and creating exciting soul food cuisine. Their restaurant can boast of repeated “Best of the Best” Awards, a loyal and growing following and lavish praise from local, regional and national food writers. The reasons for this are the freshness of both the ingredients and their thinking. The food is simple but delicious. As customers enter the restaurant, wafts of home cooking fill the air; the smells of fried chicken, BBQ spare ribs, shrimp scampi and meatloaf float to their nose. But the wonderful smells don’t even compare to the unreal flavors of this Southern cuisine once they sit down to take a bite. Perhaps the most surprising delights are the side dishes and vegetables. The plantains, the mac and cheese and the collard greens are even better than they would imagine.

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