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With their goal of “Taking Hunger to the Mat,” Sweeto Burrito is a food truck and brick-and- mortar franchise that has burrito lovers begging for more. Serving up fresh burritos, tacos, bowls, nachos, salads, sides, desserts, and even smoothies, Sweeto Burrito is quickly becoming a household name as it opens new locations around the country. Customers will find something to please their entire family, as Sweeto also offers a variety of items for kids.

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The success of Sweeto Burrito can be attributed to the quality of their food and the loyalty of their clientele. They have a casual dining style and bold and unique ingredient combinations. Customers can’t get enough of their original take on Thai, American, and Mexican flavorings. Fans of the franchise rave about the excellent customer service and delicious food. They sing their praises on Facebook regularly.

History of Sweeto Burrito Franchise

Truly a grassroots success story, Sweeto Burrito was founded by Jon Pierre Francia in 2011. Still stinging from the devastating economic downturn in 2007, Francia decided to use his experience in marketing and his passion for good food to make a living. Initially finding success in serving the oil workers of North Dakota, Francia quickly developed a following after moving his efforts to Sturgis, South Dakota. Word of mouth drew the attention of local media outlets and a franchise was born. Sweeto fans will soon be able to satisfy their cravings at over 250 locations throughout the United States.

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