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Taco Del Mar

Taco Del Mar Franchise

‘Feed your inner flavor,’ urges the Tacone Flavor Grill slogan. Tacone is a quick-serve restaurant based on a simple attitude of serving fresh, flavorful food that pleases its customers. With several restaurants, mostly in California, Tacone is growing fast, and no wonder: the grill restaurant makes delicious gourmet food affordable and serves it in a fun, happy atmosphere. The Tacone menu is filled with flavor, every plate thoughtfully conceived to be a medley of the very best ingredients prepared to perfection. Wraps, sandwiches, paninis, and quesadillas, a Global Grill Platter and scrumptious smoothies and desserts keep customers coming back, and keep the Tacone brand growing.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$156,700 - $374,500
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Taco Del Mar is seeking franchisees who want to have fun while working hard, interacting with customers, and learning and growing with the business. Franchisees are trained to provide customized, flavorful food in a clean, upbeat environment. Taco Del Mar Franchising, LLC, believes in its franchise partners and builds positive, trusting relationships with franchise owners. The company strives to accommodate franchisees with low entry fees, easy restaurant operation and a great product to work with.

Taco Del Mar Franchise Opportunities – History

Taco Del Mar opened its first restaurant in 1992, on Pier 57 in Seattle’s historic waterfront district. The brand was founded by brothers James and John Schmidt, who came up with the restaurant name (which translates to ‘Taco of the sea’) based on the restaurant’s original specialty, fish tacos. Since opening that first restaurant, Taco Del Mar has grown to more than 260 locations in the United States and Canada.

Taco Del Mar Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Taco Del Mar Franchise


The franchise fee for Taco Del Mar is a comparatively low $15,000 for the first location, and an even lower $7,500 for subsequent locations. The total estimated investment ranges from $156,700 to $376,5500. An 8% royalty fee on weekly gross receipts is paid to the company, as well as a weekly 4.5% advertising fee. Taco Del Mar has reported that its restaurants average more than $378,000 per year in sales.

Taco Del Mar Business Opportunities: Other Information

The Taco Del Mar story actually began long before the first Seattle restaurant opened, when a group of surfers in San Diego headed south of the border to try the waves along the Mexican coast, and discovered the coastal Mexican fish tacos. That led to the idea for Taco Del Mar, and the founders have never looked back.


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