Tapioca Express Franchise

Tapioca Express offers bubble tea tapioca (boba) drinks and a light snack menu in a casual cafe-style setting

Facts & Figures
About Tapioca Express

The Tapioca Express franchise was the first chain to introduce the tapioca (boba) drink to North American consumers. The franchise offers a wide selection of high quality tapioca drinks, mixed in various combinations of black or green tea, milk, juice, coffee, and small marbles of tapioca.

Full Franchise Information

A major driver of the tapioca craze has been the products perceived health benefits relative to sugary and caffeine packed soft drinks and coffee. Now people can't get nearly enough of these delicious, chewable beverage treats.

History of Tapioca Express

Tapioca Express was launched in the Southern California region in the 1990s and today has more than 46 stores spread across the United States. Originated in Taiwan, 1981, the company soon spread its wings across the globe and became a trendy drink across the country.

Franchising Tapioca Express

The typical Tapioca Express store size runs approximately 1,200 square feet, and must be located in a high visibility location with considerable foot traffic. Popular locations include stores build near high schools, colleges, supermarkets, or movie theaters. Typically, it will take a franchisee about 5-6 months to open their Tapioca Express store.

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