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One of the fastest growing upscale beer and wine bars in the country

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About The Brass Tap

The Brass Tap is an upscale beer bar that offers up to 80 different craft beers on tap, more than 200 varieties of imports, local craft beers, and a large selection of premium wines and cigars. We constantly are searching for the best beers from all regions around the world, and rotate our taps to ensure that you can always expect to find a new favorite. We offer hundreds of different bottled beers that are also available for carry out. At The Brass Tap, you can enjoy our spacious patio and never have to drink the same beer twice!

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Our HistoryImage title

In 2007, three partners from the restaurant worldcreated a vision for the “Ultimate Beer Bar”. Theyrecognized the explosive growth in the craft beermarket and created The Brass Tap. In October 2008,The Brass Tap’s first location opened in WesleyChapel, Florida. We began franchising in mid-2012 and currently have 35 operating locations withmany more on the way. Today each location offers over 200 different craftbeers, both known and exotic brands, covering avariety of tastes. The combination of this premium beer program with our upscale/shareable menu,high definition TV package, live music, wine and spirits has resulted in The Brass Tap becoming an essential “place to go” destination.

About Brass Tap

Beer - Our PassionImage title

The Brass Tap is one of the fastest growing upscale beer and wine bars in the country, leveraging this rapidly expanding market. We offer up to 80 different craft beers on tap, more than 200 varieties of imports, local craft beers, spirits and a large selection of premium wines and cigars.

Customers - Our Friends

The Brass Tap is dedicated to treating people right and creating a unique experience every time. The relatioImage titlenship between our staff and our customers truly make The Brass Tap a local neighborhood hangout. Our team is passionate about beer and eager to provide you with the best beer to fit your taste. It is our customers who make us who we are and we are happy to give back to them. We love bringing people together and creating memories - good times with good people and great beer! 

Entertainment - Our Niche 

Music: In addition to our beer, music and entertainment is a huge part of The Brass Tap experience. We strive to create a unique and friendly atmosphere every time and our daily entertainment is carefully selected to fit this niche. The Brass Tap vibe is upbeat, but casual all at the same time. 

Sports: Who doesn't love sports? You will not miss a minute of the action in any of your favorite games at The Brass Tap. Our numerous high definition TV's have all the major sports packages ready to play on game day.

FoodImage title

In 2007 when the founders created the Brass Tap they wanted to focus on the growing craft beer business, and opted at that time to allow their guests to bring in food from local restaurants, instead of building kitchens into their original Brass Tap’s. Today we have begun to add beer-friendly and easy to prepare food items to The Brass Tap, however craft beer is still our passion, and our primary focus. Each Brass Tap has a varied assortment of beer offerings, similarly our food menus change in size and offerings from location to location. In locations where a minimum percentage of food is required by law, or the landlord, we are able to provide menu solutions for these locations that meet these requirements as well as maintain our focus and passion for craft beer.

The Brass Tap BusinesImage titles Model 

The Brass Tap business model has been designed as a Premium Beer Experience offering a range of 60-80 craft beers on tap, along with more than 200 varieties of imports, local craft beers and a selection of premium wines and cigars. The model also has a distinct focus: 

  • On local entertainment which creates a unique atmosphere where the vibe is upbeat and casual. 

  • We blend in a sports element where you won’t miss a minute of the action as our HDTV’s have all the major sports action. 

  • When it comes to food, we have a specially designed menu to meet the needs of our guests offering a broad range of items including salty snacks, fresh baked pretzels, our uniquImage titlee pretzel pizzas, Panini sandwiches and more. We are designed to not be a restaurant, however our program is able to deliver an upscale menu which meets our guest needs. 

  • There is marketing fund fee of 1.5%

Why The Brass Tap? 

  • Attractive Unit Level Economics 

  • An Emerging Category 

  • A Unique Vehicle to Start and Grow your Business.

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