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Founded in 2010, The Eco Laundry Company is an eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning company that believes in leaving a positive footprint in the world

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About The Eco Laundry Company

Founded in 2010, The Eco Laundry Company is an eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning company that believes in leaving a positive footprint in the world. Owning and operating a business like The Eco Laundry Company’s eco-friendly laundromat franchise clearly makes sense from a social responsibility standpoint – it’s why we seek like-minded entrepreneurs who fully understand and identify with our mission and our philosophy.

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Prepare to become an important part of a revolution in the laundry and dry cleaning industry. 

At The Eco Laundry Company, we take a fresh and innovative approach to two of life’s daily chores: washing and dry cleaning. Our aim is to apply loving care not only to your clothes, but our staff and the environment, making each and every part of doing laundry just a little bit better. And the very best bit? We won’t be asking you to pay lots more. The Eco Laundry Company was created to make your life easier. We listen to your needs and we deliver with a smile. It’s that simple.

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Our first laundry service opened in Buenos Aires Argentina in 2010 and in 2012 we launched our first store in New York City. We believe in the power of business and franchising to do good in the world. Built into the DNA of our laundry franchise business model is a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. In 2013, The Eco Laundry Company, became the world’s first B Corporation certified, for the most rigorous and trusted level of certification in business today

Dry Cleaners, Repairs, Laundry Services And More

At The Eco Laundry Company, we provide high quality, innovative and eco friendly alternative to washing, dry cleaning and repairs. We promise to wash your clothes and garments really well. We will love them like our own, doing our very best to avoid shrinking or dying mishaps and taking extra special care of anything delicate.

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Our professional, Organic Wet Cleaning is a non-toxic, environmentally and eco-friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning process. We use fresh water and specially formulated detergent in a computer-controlled dry cleaners process that regulates temperature, PH, moisture content and agitation to clean all types of garments resulting in exceptional quality.

Backed by years of sustainable business practices, The Eco Laundry Company now offers a franchise opportunity for eco-conscious investors and operators across the New York metropolitan area looking to do more than just grow a business but, ultimately, do good.

There's an undeniable growing demand for genuinely earth-friendly business practices. According to an Intuit 2020 Report, sustainability will become a "competitive requirement for small business within the next ten years, moving from social novelty to business necessity."

Do you have the skills, the capital and the desire to run a sustainable laundry, tailoring and dry cleaning business?

Or do you know someone, a like-minded 'green' entrepreneur, who does?Image titleImage title

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