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The HIT Center


The “HIT” in HIT Center stands for High Intensity Training. HIT Center combines sport and science to provide the ultimate workout experience for athletes and regular Joes alike. Personal trainers do not just babysit their clients while they work out. Instead, they show their students how to become healthier and fitter, thus changing their lifestyle entirely. Most gyms typically promote workouts with a lot of repetition and low intensity, but scientific research does not show this method to be effective. Instead, HIT Center shows its clients how to exercise properly, lose weight, and get fit. Scientists “assess, prescribe, and then reassess” for each individual client to ensure that the fitness routine assigned is obtaining the maximum results. Help with dietary and sports nutrition is also available through HIT Center so that clients can start getting healthier in the kitchen in addition to the gym.

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Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$500,000 - $500,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation


HIT Center is a privately held company that focuses on physiology, neurology, kinesiology, and myology. Each HIT Center is staffed with physiologists who can explain the science behind the training programs.

HIT Center Franchise Opportunities - History

Dr. Terry Sheppard, a professor, created HIT Center in 2000 to provide world- class training not only to athletes, but the masses as well. The demand for these type of facilities grew, and since 2003, HIT Center has franchised in different cities across the country.

HIT Center Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / HIT Center Franchise


HIT Center has a franchisee fee of $40,000 for a 10-year renewable contract, though the total investment tends to be about $500,000. Franchisees must also pay a 5% royalty fee on all sales.

HIT Center Business Opportunities: Other Information

HIT Center has special training programs for professional athletes, collegiate athletes, entire sports teams, post rehabilitation patients, weight loss clients, active adults, and group boot camp. For athletes whose sport requires keen hand-eye coordination, HIT Center even has a training program to strengthen the muscles behind the eyeballs to ensure that they can efficiently move and look where they need to.

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