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Tossed is a fast casual restaurant franchise offering a variety of healthy food options like salads, wraps, sandwiches, paninis, and soups. Their "design your own salad" feature is very popular, as it allows customers to completely customize their salads with options like black bean corn salsa, jicama, mandarin oranges, pesto chicken, sherry wine vinaigrette, and more than 50 fresh ingredients.

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With consumers beginning to shy away from traditional fast food, the fast casual restaurant model has become very popular in recent years.  However, they still want relatively inexpensive food, and they want it quickly.  Tossed caters to this customers looking for convenient healthy food.  They also offer breakfast and catering, which makes up about 20% of sales of most locations.

History of Tossed Franchise

Tossed started in New York in 1998. Only one location existed until 2004, when Tossed started considering expansion and franchising.  In 2007, Jason Chodash founded the Tossed Franchise Corporation. Tossed now has five locations across the US.  With five more locations expected to open soon, Tossed is just starting to sprout!

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